School Close Down in Manipur: A Not-So ‘Nupa Thokpa’ Attitude!

Some schools are currently shut down like computers. Well, negotiations are dauntlessly going on. So, these schools, like computers, may be switched on sooner or later. In the meantime, thousands of students are sitting idle at their homes. They cannot go to school even if they want to. What a funny situation? Students want to attend their classes and yet they cannot. Manipur Masala finds this closing down of schools in Manipur a not so ‘nupa thokpa’ attitude.

They say (well they always say) education is the basic right of every child. However, in Manipur it’s debatable whether education is a basic right of every child or not. It should not be a shocking discovery to the rest of the world to know that in our state schools are closed down every now and then just to fulfill the whims and fancies of some ‘do not dare to mention’ groups. But what is funnier is that no one cares, no one ever wants to care. Students enjoy the extended holidays; teachers/parents cannot raise their voice. They are like the operating system of a computer, programmed to do only what they are programmed to do. Well, negotiations are going on. So these schools, like computers, may be switched on sooner or later.

Whatever be their demand or their mode of negotiation, have they ever bothered about the students who have more or less become ‘scapegoats’? I don’t think so. How can they be so illogically moronic? Closing down schools till further notice- that’s it? What kind of notice? That they have settled the matter with the management bodies and that their demands are being fulfilled? But what about the wasted weeks during which thousands of students could not attend their classes? Who is going to compensate the same for them?

In our state, every Hongba, Choba or Tomba wants to fulfill his whims and fancies. The situation is something like this-Oh! We have a magic wand (read supreme power and authority), let’s brainstorm about a wish ta da! (FYI, the only time they ever brainstorm is when they want to impose a demand). Abra ka dabra! Here’s our wish. We want so and so conditions from this and that school so notify the concerned authorities. If they agree to it then it’s fine but if they are reluctant to do so, close down their schools. Who cares? The students will enjoy an extended vacation; the school authorities will put their ass on fire and will run here and there to settle the matter as soon as possible. If they don’t do so in time, they will have to pay the price later errr they will have to conduct extra classes or even ask the students to attend schools on Sundays to cover the syllabus.

Please welcome to ‘Incredible Manipur’, one of the rarest places in the whole wide world where students cannot go to their schools even if they want to. Welcome to Manipur, a tech savvy jungle located in the Northeast India where business minded beasts rule the roost.

The current situation i.e. closing down of some schools in Manipur, should be treated as a sensitive issue. But I wonder what all the sensible civil societies and guardians are up to. Why aren’t they taking up any stern action? Or are they under a ‘waa ngaangba yaadaba’ spell?

Well, let the negotiations and talks between the school authorities and the ‘don’t dare to mention’ groups go on till 32nd December or 31st February. But for god’s sake, let the students resume their studies. We are not living in a jungle. So, better stop acting like uneducated beasts. We have enough bandhjaos, bandhnaos, blockades and brouhahas in our society to mar the study of our students. Let’s at least leave the education zone free from such insensible demand/shamand or percentage/wercentage issues. Let’s pledge for a free and fair education zone. Let the students study, because that’s what they are meant to do.

PS- Over the years, Manipur has become a haven for rabble-rousers, hooligans and what not. In the name of the father, son and the Holy Ghost, I sincerely wish that they perish away from this blue planet of ours as soon as possible. Their existence on this earth is what they call ‘malem loomnabagi masak’. Dear God Alah/Jesus/Krishna/Sidaba Mapu, please be a little ‘nupa thokpa’ and make my wish come true. If not, I will start believing that you don’t exist.

This article was published on 19 April 2015
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