Implement ILP System in Manipur

Manipur Masala presents a thought singju on the Inner Line Permit system in the state

A few days ago, a North Indian friend asked me over an online chat: “Why ate all the fuss about the ILP system in your state?” Of course, I told her the obvious.

I started, “Imagine the Manipuris are in millions and the Rajasthanis, in mere thousands. How would you feel when there comes a situation: all the Manipuris are starting to settle down in Rajasthan? We would not only consume all the available resources but also exhaust most of the available options of employment in every sector. Our population would keep increasing day by day while the population of the natives would decrease at an alarming rate.”

How lucky are those who do not have to go through the trials and tribulations of belonging to tiny ethnic groups! But my explanation, when I pressed the replied button was looking so lacking and so I continued.

“There would also come a time when you guys would not be able own land in your own land. On the other hand, we, the outsiders, will become the new property owners and landlords. We would also be running flourishing businesses at every nook and corner of your state. How would you really feel about that?”

She did not reply for quite some time. After a long pause, she finally typed, “Arrey yaar, aise kaise ho sakta hain?

I shot back, “Aise hee ho rahe hain yahaan. ILP has become a major concern in our state. One day you may plan to visit me here but you would never be able to locate my home because it might be owned by some non-local then. That’s the probable situation, my dear. And that’s why we desperately need ILP in Manipur.’

My sweet friend empathised with me over the issue. She did understand the currents that have gripped our state over the last few days.

It took less than half an hour to explain about this issue to a non-Manipuri friend. However, it is disheartening to find out that our so called self-styled leaders are taking such a long time to understand the issue and implement means to empower it. Can they be this much insensitive about such a crucial issue? How do they represent themselves as our mapi-mapa when they do not pay any heed to any of our grievances?

The inhumane manner of thrashing students as if they are lamgi sha-sun is such a condemnable act. Do the police personnel understand the meaning of a human being? It seems not. I wonder who commanded them to thrash the students; perhaps they are just the most stupid stooges in the whole universe. Otherwise we know they would not even act, carry out even their own duty on their own. The students are demanding for ILP — for everybody — and not for not air-conditioned classes or swanky facilities at their schools and colleges.

The ILP issue is not meant for a particular community or locality. It is a common issue that, in my opinion, should tickle the conscience of each and every person in the state.

Closing down schools and colleges was definitely a kok yaodaba reaction from the government. A counter general-strike was neither a wise solution — though none of these is a surprise, if we look back and recollect the evergreen ad-hocism of the ruling government. There is a saying in Manipuri – Langnaradi nungduum waatey. However, during such a crucial issue pelting stones at each other is not the best thing we can do. We are supposed to have a common stand for both the government anf the governed on such an issue.

Chafu kairaga kwaakna haraowi. It is the high time we stop pleasing the so-called crows in question. Implementation of ILP in Manipur has nothing to do with the fear psychosis that the non-Manipuris will be excommunicated from the state. Frankly, it is not even a claustrophobic social reaction. ILP is not a China Wall to drive away the non-Manipuris from Manipur.

We need ILP to preserve and protect our land, to have a control on our economy, to build our business and most importantly to safeguard our cultural identity.

A linsu-siba-cheisusu-tektaba strategy would be a wise step from the government. If not, this issue may further aggravate and may probably become a predecessor of various other issues. Let’s stop stirring a tempest in a lai-khudeng. Let’s raise our voice to implement the ILP system in Manipur.

This article was published on 27 July 2014

Readers have a lot to say on this issue. Some of the comments on the Sangai Express webpage is pasted below (Excuse the pathetic English):

Then every state should start the same thing and manipuris should not be allowed to stay in any other state as in Delhi and south-India many are there. This will increase communal disharmony only.
If the whole population of Manipur(say 27 lacs)migrated to UP which having population of 22 crores,the situation may not be alarming to UP.But when more than 5 lacs outsiders(Mayang) migrated to a tiny state like Manipur with population of 27lacs,only the situation is so alaerming,it threaten the ethnic identity,socio economic,cultural,traditional and political aspects of the indigenous ppl.Time to raise up,we owe to our students community for taking on the horns of stiff suppressive policy of state government.We should appreciate our students community.
The piece of sanatombi is an inspiring one,thanks for your contribution.A quote from Malala Yousafzai,a global icon ,only 17 yrs of age, take on Taliban head on in Pakistan in her age of 11,advocating education for girls."One child,one teacher,one book and one pen can change the world".In our age of social networking,we can thrive for implementation of ILP,to save us from being" extinct"Every citizen can contribute to his or her capacity,to achieve it.

dear sanatombi angomcha, I must a bit disappointed aftr reading ur article as it seems more lik a one sided argument. Can u pl eloborate? How do outsiders end up owing land in manipur? Was it by grabbing land or becoz it was for sale? If it was grabbed, yes., its criminal..but if they bought it fr the manipuri owner..doesnt it mean dat the previous owner had economical reasons for selling it..mayb becoz of the declining economy, he cudnt maintain da property n saw it more benificial to sell it? 
Den sudnt we focus more on how to improve the economy of the state?in dis case,ILPS will become a deterant to investment from outside. Secondly, u seem to b of the view dat we(manipuris) hav similar it true? What is da difference between a rich mayang n a rich manipuri?how is land owned by a rich manipuri going to be different?is he going to giv his house rent free? Ur assumption is dat it is please eloborate. My understanding is dat a capitalist is a capitalist. Also..wont ILP play spoilsport in da growth of business? 
I wont go to mizoram or arunachal n invest in those states fr da same reason investors wont invest in manipur if ILP is introduced.and if I earn money from setting up a business in manipur with ILP in da state..I cant invest in land so il be taking the money out of the wont come in from manipurs economy will not improve. Again, how did u assume dat the students r pro actively struggling for ILPS? Have u taken a poll to see who supports n who doest? Or even better..who realy understands the issue at hand? my experience tels me they r made to march by some 'student leaders' who jus barged into the classroom. These r young ppl wid limited understanding of the issue..n r being used as pawns..made to face the colonialstyle police n suffer physical injuries. We all want to contribute for the betterment of manipur but majority of the public stil do not understand in entirety, the issues related to ILPS. 
We form opinions besed on small talks n one sided articles in local media. I humbly request u to write another article explaining these in minute details. Infact..a pros n cons on ILPS will b extremely useful. We know that a thesis needs a strong antithesis for it to develop...consider my comment as such. ther any seminar I can join to discuss and debate and improvement my understanding on dis issue?

then why do we need to be pissed off with the racial crime in Delhi or Bangalore or Pune??? if you said so "Imagine the Manipuris are in millions and the Rajasthanis, in mere thousands. How would you feel when there comes a situation when all the Manipuris start to settle down in Rajasthan? We would not only consume all the available resources but also exhaust most of the available options of employment in every sector. Our population would keep increasing day by day while the population of the natives would decrease at an alarming rate,” then non-Manipuri would also say the same. My dear author, this is not all about non-Manipuri taking up your job or eating up your/our share, but its also the fault of Mr. and Ms. Manipuris who are damn lazy and who would love to act like me, we better clean our mess before u strike directly to non-Manipuris

Amit don't worry,don't panic,we know u hv ILP phobia,the word ILP is not comfortable for u ppl. Coz if ILP is implemented,ur game plan to overwhelm Manipur with Mayang,to turn Manipur another Tripura will be defeated.But most of ur fear is due to poor knowledge on ILP,I reiterate ILP didn't in any way prevent any one to entered and stay in Manipur,but you can't be settled permanently here in Manipur.The faltoo migrants will be prevented.Don't worry if we succeed in ILP,again we will work to implement ILP in other states of India too,then to other countries as well.Manipuris are broad minded.We will again demand ILP for world,after our job is completed......Ur ignorance is a crime not only for u but for ur family too...u look sikkim,nagaland,mizoram,arunachal where ILP is enforce,did their state prevent any outsiders from staying for specific purpose,for specific time?the ans is NO. But it prevent intrusion without purpose and permanent settlement.So if u think for permanent settlement in Manipur,ur worry is genuine,otherwise imaginary.@Manipuri,@Abhi Sharma etc who are descendants of Mahabharata Arjun may be a little worry coz they want manipuris to assimilate with Aryans Indian,in the name of global world,you may discuss ur future course of action to prevent it but I don't think they will succeed much.
Yes My friend Amit,we should start the same thing..Lets us drive out those Manipuris from each and every states..These people have been eating our jobs in Metro cities...ok,This is for sanatombi-isn't this a globalisation era??? Do we Non-Manipuri forcefully buy/owe land from you??? Isn't there thousands of Manipuri settel outside ur state,in there owned land??? And yes,this ILP is for a particular community,your people just seek easy money...Manipur is and always will be an undevelope state in India...and it shows the bad mirror to our whole NE states...continue with ur agitation,we will follow u,to implement ILPs in ours state too.
@ Sanatombi, I appreciate your concern in preserving our beloved land,unique identity and culture. But you got it wrong here. Introducing ILP will not solve the problem. It will only serve the interest of the evil elements of certain sections of the society. Unless we learn to develop Cultural tolerance we will be left behind. How long do we intend to live in isolation from the rest of the country? We speak of racial discrimination in Cities outside Manipur but we're no less better. Living in isolation will only jncrease the regional imbalance. Isn't it time we come out of our cocoon and learn from other developing states? Your article may earn you some brownie points here in Manipur but your attitude has put all of us in a bad light. I understand exactly how your online friend must have felt about us. The union Government on 5th Dec 2013 rejected the demand for introduction of ILP in Meghalaya. The Home Ministry conveyed it was bound by Article 19 of the constitution which allows any Indian citizen to move freely throughout the territory of the Country. What hope do we have in implementing ILP? We will be better off by concentrating our energy towards other activities like reforming education system, Land acquisition laws and cultural development programs rather than blindly protesting and involving innocent students. Time to wake up!
Why asking introduction of ILP? Istead asked for revoking ILP cos it is already here during 60s, when , why and who lifted i don't know. We hill people still enforce and practice still now.
@Abhis Sharma aka .... aka jemjem aka amit aka ....who told u ILP will be stumbling Block for outside investors?Don't post half knowledge,concocted,imaginary theories to mislead the people.Educate yourself before writing on any issues otherwise your hollowness will be exposed.Your comments revealed that you people know nothing on the plight of other NE states where ILP is enforcing.Do home work first.I will take up one small example to prove wrong on your contention that ILP prevent outside investment.Sikkim ,I think you may heard of this state,is a state where ILP is enforcing.Some portion of the state adjoining China are restricted and protected areas.You people know national and international companies are investing in hydroelectric projects,Teesta projects stage 1 to 4 are developing in sikkim.The stage 4 alone have the capacity of 1200MW which is 2nd largest project in India,if it is commission.
Teesta Urja,Gati infra,Neepco,NHPC are all working with promoters /developers include company from foreign countries.Apart from that Pharmaceutical companies like Cipla,Alkem etc have their manufacturing center in this state.Local wine liquor,beers ,India made foreign liquors ,manufacturing factories stay in this state.Besides, in tourism sectors too restaurants,cabs,lodging,other services are providing by non sikkimese .These are small examples to prove that ILP don't prevent outside investors.Again foreign and domestic tourists keep flowing throughout the year with visa on arrival and ILP permit issued without restrictions,but only to regulate and monitor the outsiders entry.Outsiders students studying in Manipal Tech institutions /ELAM universities etc.outsiders are working in Maanipal federal hospitals and other institutions.
Mainland traders and businessmen are doing their business.However those who are not State subjects are not entitled for voting rights,not allow to settle down,not get government jobs,not allow to purchase land,which protected the sikkimese aboriginal people.The same imply to other states too.I am just giving a Subjective and instructive example because classical examples will not go down well in your upper faculty,as I can anticipated from your comments.No hard feelings please.This truth may embarass you people because your sole intention was to assimilate aboriginals of Manipur with Aryan origin in due course of time thereby obliterate our identify from this earth since you are descendants of Arjun of Mahabharata.For God's sake please leave this issue to Manipuris alone.You Miyancha has no business here.
what kind of language is this? either write in proper English or Meiteilon.
This is why I m truly shamed of being Manipuri. Bunch of cowards cowardice blah blah when they can't control their own family. Blaming their neighbors is their habbit. This is not democratic movement. Open up ur minds bros and sis, we're living on the same planet. Everyone has the right to live anywhere if they are worthy. If you wanna protect ur culture there are a lot ways to that. INP is the shortcut you think you found but that is wrong. Your shortcut shamed us. I m telling you this again and again, stop this cowardice.
Nice article! It is important to inform the public in this kind of emergency solution. It is not surprising though some people are talking about language like they are some PhD holders in English [Mathi fao khange!] Leave those hopeless puritans. But the issue is that we have to safeguard our own land. Amit & Co. must be some frustrated and useless Mayang who can do nothing but babble here. We are together for ILP! [Another moron cannot even say it properly INP - wtf is that?] The government must listen to the people's voice. Implement the system urgently! Haiyoom sidaba.
It is pursuasive and straightforward piece of work from sister Sanatombi.we may be apprehensive about the modus operandi of the ongoing ILPS movement but the demand per se is of utmost importance and a necessity also.unfortunatly,due to lack of publicity and hence awareness,its been misconstrued as a demand either to expatriate the nonmanipuris or to deny access to the state,we need to clear these misplaced thoughts.further we need to ask a few quetions to ourselves to clarify the utility and feasibility of the ILPS,even though we are guranteed by the constitution to move and travel and settle anywhere,can we really enjoy or is it really safegurd us?of course may argue that so many manipuris are settle or live in other states.but where? and how much in terms of number and penetration?can we go door door to like the non locals doing right in our villages.again it may be put to question that the nonlocals are laborious than us.but its is not only laboriosness but also uncontrolled population due to lackadisical effort of family planning in the larger states.just imagine how there is such an alienating forces even in metros? everybody knows how large is our s just like a district of a larger state,but such a tiny area of indian state is where we can be ourselves,whre we can preserve our this isolation?or does it goes against the multi culturalism ethics?or against the spirit of constitution? we are far lesser in number,economic clout,and politcal influence that a compltele cultural and demographic intercourse can dissolve whatever we have.then how will identify one possibility is if we can transform ourselves like the the most influntial Parsis.
Howesver it is not this paranoidic,xenophobic,or ailing from inferiority complex?then are we superior in any way than the other ILP staates? if so in what ways?and by corollary are we better ably equipped to compete in every ecosystem with the outsiders,by this it doesnt mean ilps is a panacea for all the ills but it will be a major step which can regulate the .unchecked influx from anywhre.there needs to be some balance.we have to be secure ourselves not to become a second tripura.only then our future generation can feel secure and it will help healing ifestation of the millitancy.after that we can considerer other aspects of development.of course we need to be safe,we caanot compare ourselves more established societies.a little digression,just remember to get one and only historical Kangla how many years and how extreme forms of demonstrations needed while the great no. of rajput forts,dravidian and chola and etc etc attract protcttion and preservation not only by there architectural magnificence but histerical kangla less important?this is an example how the marginalised can face the imbalance and inequity in all terms until we reched a certain extent of maturirty and ability to stand ourselvesa in the face of greater forces.we seem to forget a capitalist like ambani have the ability to purchase whole of manipur!and thats why so many special clauses are inserted in the constitution to preserve the weaker sections and minorities. someone here expressed having a good doubt linking investment with ilps ipmlementation.then how many investments have so fer received without ilps in the last so many years.and why is it not possible to have special provisions for investments to attract under ilps .it is quite irrational to believe that settling by migrants to the extent of succeeding our little population would be any meaningful investment.ilps is neither xenophobic nor ultravires.example is our neighbours.only it needs courage to project the matter in a positive way to win support from all citizens.if its hazardous and unethical to involve the young students then let us devise it in other peaceful ways.lets write in national dailies.but it is not helpful being a cynic.
@ibochou...what is wrong wid u? Ur analysis is totally wrong. U chose sikkim?..for ur example? i request the readers to pl read up on sikkims economy aftr reading dis.sikkim is a tourist haven.the ppl r friendly n welcoming. And in manipur, we hav YOU!! A tyre burning,racist,economics wizard..screaming.."mayang..mayang"..n reading my comment wid his eyes pooping out in his super fast p4 desktop n superfast internet. how can u say dat all the above mentioned investors will invest in manipur? If they didnt invest before ..why will they come n invest after ILP is invoked? Investors look for investment friendly regions to invest.Not a land wid ppl lik YOU!!! wat a donkey! Sikkim..sikkim. investors are lining up at mizoram n nagaland,yes?
Just as Bishnupuria meiteis who are bengali descendants claimed their rights as Meiteis with time. we the mainlanders can also follow through this way as a manipuri, because we are Indians. we are born and brought up in Manipur. friends! Please use sense in your thinking. As Indians we should embrace one another and have close interactions to share our oneness through cultures, traditions exchange etc. Even inter caste marriage can be encouraged as this will bond our wholeness spirit and build a strong nation. ILP is not the solution, why do you want a separate Act? Indian constitution under Article 19 has allow every indian citizen to move freely around the country. please stop this Stupidity and selfishness.
I really appreciate Sanatombi’s article. The Indo-Pak war in 1970s led to the migration of huge amount of Bangladeshi refugees in Burma, Tripura, Assam and Manipur which totally changed its politics within few years. The influx of illegal migrants from Bangladesh, Burma and India has been continuing .We should stand together against such demographic invasion. ILP is not only to check the immigrant but also to register any outsiders entering Manipur. Tripura, Assam and Sikkim are the living examples of how migrants devour the indigenous populations. Manipur cannot be treated like other Indian States. We should remember how our government in 1947-49 was concerned for the implementation of visa system for the outsiders for entering the state. In the 19th century also the royal government of Manipur had an office at Lakhimpur which issued visa to the foreigners entering Manipur. [I guess even Jawaharlal Nehru and Rabindranath Tagore didn’t get visa to enter Manipur]. 
Although this system was completely independent of Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1874, we should look from that point of history. Now the immigrant issue becomes more serious with the opening of borders. The indigenous populations will disappear in few years with the opening of Trans Asian highways and railway in the state. The puppet government in Manipur cannot take any remarkable step means the influx of immigrant in Manipur is political in nature. We cannot simply treat it as mere influx but it has the nature of ethnic genocide. We should stand together against such Government sponsored demographic invasions. I wonder some of the casual opportunist Manipuris are showing reckless to the issue with baseless arguments. Listen, @ Axxo Naturally people are dynamic. They migrated from one place to another for better life. “We’re living on the same planet” is true but it is also true that we cannot visit any place in the planet without a stamp called visa…. "Let’s raise our voice to implement the ILP system in Manipur."
@ Ibochou : You don't require ILP to go to sikim except for northen sikim because of the sensitive nature of the international border with china. Same thing applies to Ladakh also but now except some border areas ILP is withdrawn from ladakh for indians. @sanatombi : Iche sanatombi you have shown your class and intellect here.The population of parsi community is 69000 only and surviving the so called and dreaded onslaught by mayangs in a city like mumbai for centuries. Have you heard of Darwin? His survival of the fittest theory if you want to defy then why stop at ILP! ask for a reserve forest for manipuris like Jarawas or sentineles in andaman. My request is convince general jadumani to demand for a first reserve forest status for humans of manipur.
@Ibochouba,It seems that u never have been out of ur Hut..sikkim does't has ILP system..And for ur kind ioformation PAP is not for we Indians...It is because of the chinese Line of control,connected to that particular area...since i a govt.servant,been to almost all the states in India...but none is corrupted as Manipur,u are drown in corruption,at the same time i Also Admit of my state corrupt too,but see the difference.U have nothing,expect spreading venom.
Axxo Now you feel ashame to be a Manipuri,because there is a nationality to your bearing whether you like it or not ,a time may come for your descendants that nothing left for them to say ashame of.You moron got my point.If you are ashamed to say you are son of your mother then take anyone 's mother's name who are beauty,wealthy,powerful.Kick out your will not understand what is saying here,you may be wondering..ha ha ha...
mieteis u ppl r not fit to led manipur...
@ Ramesh Article 19 (I) (d) and (e) gives freedom any citizens of India to move freely but it doesn’t give free right. I hope you are aware of article 19 (5) which provides that “ Nothing in sub clauses (d) and (e) of the said clause shall affect the operation of any existing law in so far as it imposes, or prevent the State from making any law imposing, reasonable restrictions on the exercise of any of the rights conferred by the said sub clauses either in the interests of the general public or for the protection of the interests of any Scheduled Tribe”. For the interest of the indigenous populations the Govt. should implement ILP under Article 10 (5) for restricting entry of outsiders to Manipur.
Go for protest sittings at your local MLAs' residential gates. Never vote for anyone who don't consider ILPS serious. Start right from today. Start campaigning today. It's a matter of our own survival. Whatever our elected members decided is our decision coz they represent us legally in the eyes of everyone. So none can stop them. Go protest to your local MLAs. ILPS or No Vote! Let them take the decision.
@Cupid@Abhi Sharma,again you show your hollowness and incomplete knowledge.Don't misled the readers with your hollow knowledge ,if you didn't know about the subject you admit it ,but don't bluff.Even if you bluff ,educated person will google search the tourism numbers and can confirm whether ILP system enforce in Sikkim or not.If you touch Sikkim you will find a place called Rangpo,Ok there the outsiders have to obtain ILP before entering sikkim.Sometimes there happens some mistaken identity that ppl from NE was mistaken as Sikkimist /NepaleseSikkimese police didn't ask for pass,but very cases.Whatever I wrote in my comments is after confirmation,not assumption or hearsay as you ppl do.check your facts.@Jemjem,I thought that you are a one who can be interactedd but I found that your upper faculty is not to working normally ,my reference of Sikkim is just to proof that ILP doesn't in any way prevent outsiders from investment,from entering,from staying,or doing business in that state,which I had mentioned repeatedly.I am not discussing the congenial and favorable factors for investment by outsiders in a state.That subject is a separate issue.Now your upper faculty can understand,got my point?I didn't think you can understand so easily.Now if you really get my point then tell,who is the real donkey?Sometimes I wonder how these ppl with hollow knowledge and even can't come to a logical conclusion started posting comments on such sensitive issues without having enough knowledge to substantiate their line of argument.Absurd!!!
@ibochou.apologies for my harsh comments.i lost my cool.but after some deliberation i realised now dat u firmly believ in wat u profess. it is gud to debate on topics as sensitive as the consequence mite b critical fr several sections of society. as we can all see..this article has generated a lot of interest..we need to put it to gud use. my concern is dis. 
1.the issue of ILPS mite hav been raked up by vested interest. 2.since ILPS is a very sensitive issue,various political groups can spin it in anyway they want n da conservative sections of civil society will obviously support it n in da process..unfortunate incidents can take place. 3.the use of young students can result in casualties..even lost of young innocent lives.. 4.the vested interest can easily use dese deaths as an excuse to further the protest..even tho it was them who forced da students in da line of fire. our society already has hatred for the 'mayangs'..historical n cuz of afspa..they become easy targets. 6.the argument that ILP is a panacea fr manipurs problem is wrong. 7.assuming dat ILPS actually works..n saves manipur from being "overrun" by outsiders..n prevents it frm becoming another tripura..who will really benifit? 8.isnt it a gud thing fr outsiders to come n assimilate wid our culture..isnt dat growth?i met a sardar in dwarka, a shop n he approached me n spoke to me in manipuri.. gave me great pleasure to hear him speak in flawless delhi..n he said he ws frm manipur. imagine dat.i felt proud..but here..we r screaming"mayang mayang" seems like anyone doubting da effectiveness of the ILPS demand is branded anti national...very similar to the mentality dat anyone not supporting Indian cricket team is anti national..or unpatriotic. 10.the incident is starting to look more like the MNS n shiv sena marathi movement..hence my apprehensions. 11.advocates of ILPS are getting more vocal..n therefore ready to pay any price..which scares amount of debate can make them take a step back..n think. 12.the love for motherland is begining to be equated wid the hate for outsiders..a dangerous trend. 
@ibochou n everyone reading dis mite luk cool n patriotic n feel rt to be vocal abt ILPS..but if u put urself in the others shoe n imagine..isnt it scary..especially if u had made manipur ur home... well..i hav many more points to discuss but wil keep it fr later.. @abhi sharma..u sud share ur apprehension abt ILPS will help us a lot.
@wangam somorjitsana, Please read over to understand properly. The Article 19 clause(5) has clearly define regarding the sub clauses of (d) & (e) of clause (1). If we go by the language used in it, it is quite noticeable that words such as any existing Law. This means any such Law must be currently in operation. Further Following line says reasonable restrictions to serve the interests of the general public, here again, we too belong as the General public, we have been residing in Manipur for many years. Protection of the interest of the schedule tribe, cannot be inclusive since Manipur is a land of various communities consisting of Muslims, Meiteis, Nepalese, tribals and Mayangs(a discord reference you love to call us) who are now making Manipur as their home, possessing lands and well establish business. Please put your sense in place, we cannot divide the nation in a myopic promotion.
@ibochou..n yes,one more most of da comments posted..they seem to think dat all outsiders r in cahoot to overrun manipur. that it is der masterplan to b da majority in 10-20yrs in manipur by migrating in large nos. pl let the readers know dat it is not so. or am i mistaken here? Is der a grand scheme? if der is no such scheme...den it is likely that they r also jus ppl trying to look fr a way to survive..victim of economic circumstances..jus like everyone else.NOT the villians.
do we think india is a democracy country? yes y not than you can settle down anywhere,anyplace .think of ur family,fren,brotrs hu are staying they realy sopprt ILP in manipur.........MERITS N DEMERITS????????????????????
@Jemjem ,ur apologetic sense is appreciatedLook brother there r only two options b4 us.We have to adopt either of the two.Yes for ILP or No.If we consider NO,then we the Meeteis,(Our fellows hill area are already protected by statute)whose population nearly 15 lacs(lets say)only concentrated in small size imphal valley ,will be vulnerable to influxion on alarming proportion of migrants estimated to somewhere 5lacs.(1/3are immigrants).The proportion is so alarming,one has to accept the reality.(I too have many mainland friends,since I work in central government deppt.)However,if we,our generation,didn't wake up to the occasion,and do something to check the mass exodus,surely a time may come that the situation is out of hand,and we have little to do,that may cost dearly to our community.The ILP movement is nothing personal to someone ,say to Mr.X,Y or Z.The ILP is not unconstitutional,it is implementing in other NE states,too.A small population like Our greatly necessitates ILP to safeguard ourselves against the vast numbers of Indian population surging for 2billion.There is nothing anti Mayang,or against any particular community or individual,on ILP demand.I strongly feel ,drawn from all practical purpose,that it doesn't in any way prevent outsiders to land in our state for any purpose,for definite period of time,as required,but not settle down permanently,owning lands.I have stay and seen Nagaland,Tripura,Sikkim,Assam,and other mainland states (during course of my posting) and logically conclude that protectionists policy like ILP ,is very much necessary in Manipur ,for survival of Meetei,one may agree it or not. .....Again if we consider the option of Yes to ILP,then it is the only way we can protect and preserve our identity,against the present trends of influxion and lethargic attitude of Meeteis in general.I too have many "Mayang"friends ,I love some of them,but safeguarding our community is more important,and my love to them does not diluted .Nothing personal about it.There are some immature comments above who cannot even understand well on what is expressing in the write up of sanatombi.
@ Ramesh…. I am highlighting Art. 19 (5) again “nothing shall prevent the State from making any law with reasonable restrictions in the interests of the general public.” So, implementation of ILP is constitutional. Whether the State should be read as Union of India or the ’state’ is questionable since the Union Minister Shinde very confusedly said that it is purely a state subject. Here the ‘general public’ can read as the people of Manipur…. you should be clear that people of Manipur means Meetei and all the indigenous tribes, not those outsiders ( mayangs/ Nepalese) who came to devour the original population after the abolition of the permit system or visa system in 1950…. You much have been aware of the ongoing public movement for the implementation of ILP which led to the closing of all the school/ college till today… this is a general public movement…..
ILPS, inner line permit system is an important TOPIC for debate and discussion by one and all who considered themselves as indigenous tribe/people.In today's political scenario around the world,in particular well within the INDIA,to preserved and conserved the rich heritage of one's regional culture,language,tradition,political ideology,land resourse and integrity and demography is the sole and birth right of every individual of that particular region/state.we know nation building is ongoing process and a large subcontinent type nation like INDIA must deal with regional aspirations like (ILPS)through democratic negotiation rather than suppression.Regions together form the NATION,so regions must have a share in deciding the destiny of the NATION,if not the feeling of injustice and alienation can spread which in turned will go for secessionist movement.Regional imbalance in economic and development is a fact of INDIA'S growth story.
At the same time MANIPUR,TRIPURA and KHASI HILLS of MEGHALAYA were erstwhile princely STATE which mearged with india after independence.the economy of the entire NE regions were badly affected and distorted,and most of the regions underwent mojor demography changes mostly due to large scale influx of migrants and immigrants from other states and this situatin,regional aspiration is not an abnormal phenomenon.lastly,let us accepted that NE regions shares boundaries with CHINA,MYANMAR,BANGLADESH unlike other state of india and there is a great tendency of massive influx of immigrants.again,half the world's population growth occurs in just 06 countries china,bangladesh,pakistant,india,(Indonesia and Nigeria)out of these 06,our NE has been surrounded by three most populous we know,poverty and state's economy are somehow correlated with large scale migration and is a matter of serious concerned for one and all to our core values of our existence.India is a large nation with huge number of large communities but the phenomenon of engulfing small fish by large fish will not be accepted, we know what to do and we will fight with tooth and nail for this common cause.influx really endangered the question of encroaching on our scare resources like land and there will be a serious threats to the employment opportunities to the indigenous tribals which still grappled with a tremendous amount of unemployment,next political power,very important factor to decide the future of our next generation.with these large current influx of migrants will reduce the indigenous MANIPURIS into a,in near future or next state assembly election you will see 30 seats will be occupied by the outsiders,you will be rule by outsiders at your own state till the time that you came to realized once we were under the colonial imperor of british,history repeat itself but this time we will not let it wake up my dear @Ramesh @jemjem and other stumbling blocks.ILPS is our sole right,when it happened to ARUNACHAL PRADESH, NAGALAND,SIkkim why not in MANIPUR.we respect every individual,but try to understand it is our sole and birth right in which we could stand at our own feet.....thank you all.
@ibochou..thank you,i understand the logic behind the demand fr ILP. Everyone wants to contribute towards da preservation n continuity our culture. it is the method dat is in question here..becoz of the consequences involved in da equation. i feel that someone sud clealy address the concerns of da nay group. history is filled wid such moments..everywher in da world.we r not the first ..nor will b the last. if we read up on what happened to those wil b helpful. can u please address my corcerns..point by point..if possible. @all the proILPS readers. if all these apprehensions can b laid to rest..i firmly believ dat the demand fr ILPS will b stronger..n justified.
@jemjem,I can tell u only one thing to you.There are two types of persons,1.those person who always try to do things (read positive things)in one pretext or other 2)those person who always try not to do things in one pretext or other.Similarly....There are thousand ways not to do ILP,same time, there are thousand ways to do ILP,which way you go? The answer is yours to decide.If you have decided to do,then one doesn't necessarily need to accommodate all thousand ways of Opposite(not to do).Otherwise you can't take a decision and become a confused person.

Chaobinism: Defying Chauvinism

In our society most of the rules are formed, deformed and again reformed by the male lots. It’s always a Thoiba, Tomba or Chaoba’s world. For a Thoibi, Tombi or Chaobi, it’s a different tale to tell. In quite a devilling Hindu style, the bigger gender says, ‘Nupigi punsidi paap mayaamna yomaga poklakpani’. I ghastly wonder how those religious pundits ever dare to come to such a conclusion. How dare they!

Man-tastic chauvinism is a social trend that’s been observed for all these decades in almost every society including ours. Hence, a Thoiba, Chaoba or Tomba is metaphorically considered as a mani matum for his parents whereas a Chaobi or Tombi is — for the want of an appropriate word — a leibaak leituum? I have always been emotionally offended by such a mindset ever since I was a kid. I am still emotionally offended by such a thaak-nemba mindset. On moral or immoral grounds, when a son makes a mistake it’s ngaosinaba but if a daughter does, it becomes a great concern not just for the family but also for the entire saagei-naatei and keiroi-leikai.

World Cup for the Men and Beyond

In various cases, daughters are expelled to have their share of fun. To cite a simple example, hanging out somewhere or watching football or any game late in the night with friends would be unimaginable, if not it is odd or disgraceful for a girl. However, the same is a matter of ‘nupa thokpa’, a time for great celebration for the male lots.

I have in fact grown up in one such leikai where guys in groups enjoy late night football or any match over pegs of local booze and nganu/yen/oak thongba for maarinaba. I do not intend to culture a similar habit. But I would encourage the idea of a few leikai friends or even cousins hanging out together for a football match. Why should boys/guys have all the fun? This has been a major concern for me; not that it’s a matter of animosity towards the male lots.

Well, this would hopefully be the last time I would ever get a chance to watch World Cup leisurely from the comfort of my home. I know not how my nupamayum would be like but am damn sure no family would entertain their ‘mamou nupi’ watching football late in the night and waking up late in the morning. So that’s it?
Marriage, at least to me, seems like an artificial sterilization of a relation that is forged and forced to maintain for the rest of your life with some special clauses for the bride such as: ‘Thou shall abandon all the pre-marital hobbies. Thou shall adhere to the rules of waking up earlier than the morning birds. Thou shall under any circumstance fulfil the duties abound with the awunpot of thy luhongba’.

Gawd! I am already getting sick of these things already. I wonder if I would be able to religiously follow them all. Or should I start thinking about empowering ‘Chaobinism’?

Of Chaobinism and the Wind of Change

Earlier, the norm was set like this: the son has to earn while the daughter has to run the home. But things have changed over the years. Daughters not only run but also earn for the family. I know many friends and acquaintances, who financially support their families and at the same time run all the household errands. The rising number of such women and daughters, in my opinion, is a clear sign of progress, rather than a reply to the inflated mindset of man-tastic chauvinism in our society.

I have also come across many brave and courageous ladies who have misspelled the myth that ‘Nupa dangna paangal thokpa thabak touba ngami’. Consider the rise of Mary Kom, for instance. History is also the sole witness when it comes to the thouna-lingjel of Manipuri ladies. It would not be an exaggeration to state that the hand that once rocked the cradle also cracks many a rock just to support her family. Of late, the rising number of working ladies in both public and private sectors is more or less an implication that we have finally come out of the cocoon to face the world and pave our own ways.

Yes, it’s a clear sign of positive change. It’s the gradual phase of ‘Chaobinism’ defying chauvinism that has been rooted on our mindset for all these years and decades. The dictionary would never have a right place for ‘Chaobinism’ but who cares? We are ready with the change though we know male chauvinism will prevail as always. We are going with the flow of the times that are changing. No matter what, it is as much a Thoibi or Chaobi’s world as much as it’s a Thoiba or Chaoba’s world.

This article was published on 15 June 2014.

Lucrative Job Openings for All & Sundry!

Who says there is a dearth of job opportunities in our state? There are many consultancies that have been providing employment for the job seekers. Earlier, there was a trend of networking through which many individuals became lakhpati or crorepati within a few months. At present, there are many emerging consultancies who promise employment opportunities to a wide range of job seekers from the state.

Under the aegis of Thok-Mok Job Consultancy Services, the following posts are currently available for various candidates from different walks of life. Thok-Mok Job Consultancy Services is one of the (non-existing) consultants based in Imphal. Successfully training and recruiting various thou-leitabagi thou thibada waaraba lots in our society, TMMJCS is expanding its wing across the state in due interest of culturing an anti- tangdu-leitaba khunai.

Thouleitabamayum Maloti, H.R Manager TMMJCS, states “We want to contribute our bit in providing employment opportunities to various job seekers across the state. We currently have job openings for some profiles. I am sure many job seekers will be excited about these openings”.

As per the official notice from TMMJCS, the following posts are currently available.

1. Name of post - Moral Police Executive (M.P.E)
Number of vacancies to recruit- 50 & more

Roles and responsibilities
  • The M.P.E will be solely and strictly responsible to take part in various moral policing activities that are currently becoming a trend in our society. The main role of an M.P.E is to instruct and direct his or her sub-ordinates in various restaurant drives that are continuously conducted across the city. The job profile for an M.P.E will be suitable for those who love meddling up with everyone or anyone’s affairs.
Educational Qualification
  • Should be a B.A/M.A but prefer those who have completed or are pursuing their Phd in Moral Science
Work Experience
  • At least five years experience of participation in various restaurant drives across the city.
  • Ahei apaa saaba candidates who have an incorrigible attitude can also apply.
Communication skill
  • Should be good in rowdy and hoarse communicative skill.
  • Fresher(s) who are open to learn ‘khonda haotaba’ will also be considered. Training will be provided by various lai-hori and chinganba/bi trainers.
2. Name of the post - Mob Justice Executive Officer (M.J.E.O)
Number of vacancies to recruit- 100 & more (if situation demands)

Roles and responsibilities
  • The M.J.E.O will be fully responsible to organize a roaring maddening crowd during an unwanted incident. S/he should have the ability to mis/lead the crowd and mis/guide them to execute various un/wanted actions that include destroying the house of the culprit of any XYZ crime, beating up the culprit black and blue etc. Candidates who have experience in leikaigi mee-funaba will also be given a chance to hold such a challenging post.
Educational Qualification
  • Preferably M.A.B.Fs (Matric Appeared But Failed). Since this job profile does not require much logical thinking or judgement, higher educational qualification is not necessary for the candidate. Those who have “I can do it” attitude are eligible to apply for the post.
Work Experience
  • 2-3 years experience as Urao-Tharao Laoba Commander on high-school or college level.

Form submission, interview & miscellaneous

Forms are currently available at the office of TMMJCS for the above mentioned job openings. Please note that there won’t be any last date of form submission for the above posts. The recruitment for M.P.E and M.J.E.O will also be held throughout the year. As for the interview, the candidate can turn up at our office everyday between 9 A.M and 9 P.M. We provide a flexible timing for all the candidates and that’s one of our USPs.

This article was published on 13 July 2014

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