What If It Was Adam-Teasing, Not Eve-Teasing?

‘Leisabi nasak fajeiko, eiga koinasiro’- It’s just one simplest example of nupi laknaba which is one of the popular chauvinistic trends rampantly practised in our society. It is usually with a funny motive when a group of guys indulge in the act of teasing a particular girl. From a general perspective, eve-teasing is sometimes referred to with a coy sugg-estion of innocent fun, making it appear guiltless with no resulting charge on the part of the perpetrator. With reference to the biblical Eve, the first woman on earth, the act of ‘eve-teasing’ implies that the woman is in some way responsible for the behaviour of the doers of this act. Nevertheless, many would find it just another unwanted creed introduced by a breed of chauvinistic males.

Without relying on any biblical source, we must agree that eve-teasing is an unbridled practice in our society that has been carried on since time immemorial. No wonder ours is a patriarchal society where most of the rules are made and also denounced by the so called chauvinistic males. Relating the universal theory of chauvinism with the practice of nupi laknaba, it is indeed considered cool for a gang of leiping famba guys at our respective localities to pass any kind of funny or rude remark or comment on a girl who coyly passes by at the leirak-khulak or lamjao-sorok. 

My cousins and friends are not even spared from the league of eve-teasers in our very locality. ‘Pakhangna leisabi laknadana kanada laknadoino’ –believe it or not but this is the general mindset among the elders. In my own personal opinion, eve-teasing is not an ill-practice as long as one does not cross the limit and if it is done only with a light motive. Nonetheless, using of indecent language or gesture while eve-teasing should not be encouraged at any cost.

Well, let us suppose and provide a whole new perspective to this very practice. What if it was Adam-teasing, not Eve-teasing? What if girls had to pass the same remarks on boys? What if ours was not a patriarchal society where there isn’t any chauvinistic norm? On a funny approbation, let us imagine all the probable situations if at all teasing the opposite gender were one such art aptly mastered by the fairer sex. Let us for a while suppose that it is Adam-teasing not Eve-teasing. Here are a few probable situations. (Guys kindly go through them with a light heart and do accelerate your humour-metre).

Situation No. 1- A guy is planning to move out of home for any personal or professional reason. He has to really worry about which route or leirak would be the best one to pass by and which lane should be avoided at any cost. ‘Oh damn! That leirak is frequented by Landhoni, Maloti and their group. What if they pass funny remarks about my hairstyle today? Am I looking ok in this dress? I don’t know what exactly is the problem with those girls, every time they see me they never spare a chance to pass on a remark, hingchabi singdo hmmm’- such would be the thought process of that pitiable guy. No comments on it (only a witty smile).

Situation No. 2- Suppose, the very guy has to compulsorily take that route where the same Landhoni, Maloti, Tababi etc make their ‘adda’ and where they are often found engrossed in some ‘serious leipung famba session’. Goosebumps, heartbeats, racing pulses etc. are few symptoms the poor guy would obviously have. Who knows he would even cross his fingers murmuring to himself ‘ngasidi laknabiraktradi fanida, thabak amta chatke thoklakpasida eidi ba beat ka tek ee seita’.

Situation No. 3 - Last but not the least, imagine one such situation in which the wannabe gang of girls do not spare a single chance and pass a rude comment or an abusive remark about the guy (something that’s indecent and really embarrassing). The poor guy doesn’t even have the guts to reply back as he is being dominated by the gang. Like a helpless kitten, he has to walk back home on the verge of crying. He reaches home, runs to his dad and relates what happened near the leikai lampaak and what kind of comments those notorious girls pass on him .His father would equally feel bad but quite helpless of the situation all he could tell his son is ‘Ebungo, next time take the other lane, don’t meddle with those girls. Takuri afaobi waarakpa ngamdrabi ngaaktani, echadi maram mokpani makhoiga maanarunuko’.

Well, I don’t want to visualize any more situations like the above mentions. If I were a guy, I have no idea whether I would be indulging in the act of eve-teasing girls or not. However, I would not mind propounding and professing Adam-teasing had it been a trend. What about you girls?

This article was published in the Sangai Express on 15 April 2012
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