Tips on Christening a Nameless Revolution!

Most of us consider it fun or a mere means of passing time talking and discussing on this and that issue. The nasty truth is most of us do not want to meddle up with anything at all. We try to sound as if we are so concerned about the deep rooted, day-by-day burgeoning issues in our society. However, when it comes to ground reality, we do not want to get involved in any messy situation. We hammer our keyboards trying to share our opinions and grievances. And that’s all we do or can do. Internet is the fastest medium of communication in today’s world. I agree. However, when we want to fight for a serious cause, we cannot rely on Internet. One should clearly read the lines between a medium and the strategies of fighting for a cause.

Let me share an experience. As an advertising professional, I have learned various tricks, tips and tactics about successful branding. In advertising, the first and foremost strategy to implement is to define the target group or customer to whom the brand communication is going to target. An advertising campaign that does not have a defined target audience is like shooting in the sky sans any aim. It may randomly hit a bird, it may not. Taking a chance sounds fun, but it does not make sense when you are dedicated to give your best shot in your career. Let us co-relate this simple idea. Most of us are frustrated and sick of the system. We raise our voice against this and that issue, but most of the time our grievances are unheard or unquestionably ignored. We are so far used to dumping one issue over another basically because we know not whom we are really targeting our grievances at. I believe one can so far build a big mansion out of the dumped issues that have been continuously buried.

Heinabi and mawong maalhanba are perhaps the two best vocabularies that define a chronic attribute of our people. We know the system is infected with an incurable disease. Are we not infected with a similar disease? If we say politics is a nasty game, are we not a part of it? Politics brews in every single family. Diplomacy is the art mastered by each one of us to settle various personal or professional matters in our daily lives. The system is doing the same. It’s more or less a tit-for-tat norm. Good begets good, bad begets bad. The cookies have always crumbled like this. Nothing is shocking when one admits that the cookies will keep crumbling this way in the future too.

So, does this mean we cannot expect change in our society? Well, I believe change is possible only when you are willing to change. The first and foremost step of bringing change in our society is to reform oneself. If each one of us believes in self-reformation, if each one of us starts self-questioning on what one can do to improve the condition of the society, change will perhaps come naturally. If a family is the smallest unit of a society, why don’t we start it right from our families? Let us stop preaching, let us start following what we have been preaching most of the time. Set yourself as a living example of someone who does not resist any ill-doing. We are pretty good in giving advices of all sorts. But the million dollar question is whether we have ever bothered to follow what we have been telling others to do? There are many activists in our society who do many encouraging things for the society but at the cost of ruining their own personal lives. They talk about this and that right, preach many motivating ideas here, there and everywhere. But when it comes to their own personal lives, things are murky and perhaps silently understood. In my opinion, that’s where one of the major causes of some of the social issues lies.

The pot calling the kettle black sounds not funny anymore. Let us start sweeping our own shumaang before we try to mess up with others’ shumaangs. ‘Chafu kairaga kwaak na haraowi.’ It is up to you how you save your chafu from getting broken. Nonsense makes a lot of sense in our society. We love dyeing our mind with the united colours of hatred, gossip and what not. Why cannot we infect our mind with progressive thoughts? We don’t need to do anything special for the society. If we mind our own business, trust me, problems will find a tough route to make an ugly entry in our families and society. The ideal type of revolution that we have on our mind has so far been nameless. Why don’t we christen it with an unbiased name? Would that be really tough? Or am I, as usual, expecting the impossible to happen?

This article was originally published on 10 Feb 2013

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