An Appeal to the Mari Leinaba Authority

Mr. Natraang reporter from Sundrang News leaked this confidential news that reports how Mr. Load Shedder has been temporarily suspended from his assigned responsibilities at our leikai. As an immediate impact of his suspension, my entire leikai has been enjoying uninterrupted power supply for the last few days. You read it right- UNINTERRUPTED POWER SUPPLY for 24 hours. Sounds luxurious right?

Like the advent of a ‘Mangaal Fangba Era’, many families at my leikai have started getting used to such a privilege which is of course a fallacious treatment. The reason is obvious. The situation which will last only for a few days may prove to be another reason of depression for many individuals in the near future. Imagine a sudden transformation from a bright world to a dark one? Sounds scary right?

Considering all the negative impacts of (temporary) uninterrupted power supply, I hereby raise this complain to have a look at this matter as soon as possible. It is also a personal request from my end not to play with our emotions by providing such a facility which is meant only for the VVIPs and VIPs. We are not used to such a luxury, we in fact don’t want to get used to such luxuries that won’t last forever.

“The recent problem of uninterrupted power supply at our leikai is more or less an insult to the Moreh Lamps we have bought from Khwairambandh Keithel. I recently bought two lamps from the Keithel. I still haven’t got a chance to switch them on. If this problem persists for another week, we are going to form a JAC and submit a memorandum to the mari leinaba authority. We won’t keep quiet. I also personally extend my heartfelt sympathy for Ebungo Budhimambamayum Load Shedder, who has been honestly serving us for all these years. He should resume to his post without wasting any time”- states the Moreh Lamp Paibi Secretary of our leikai.

Well, I know not whether Mr. Load Shedder’s temporary suspension is a political/technical gimmick or not. However, in my earnest opinion, he should resume to his post as soon as possible in the due interest of all the families whose Moreh lamps have not been lighted for the last few days. We miss the dark nights, we miss relishing the taste of rice cooked in chafu. The rice cookers have been doing overtime duty for the last few days. I can already see a fatigued look on their faces.

My own family has some serious concerns regarding the situation. Mom finds it irritating when my brother watches movies on the television in the midnight. Addicted to the dark nights, she has sleeping disorders these days because of the light from the various corners of our home. I have come across similar complain from leikaigi eney-indols.

Dear mari leinaba authority, this is my earnest request to you that in the interest of every individual from our locality, please ensure to bring an immediate solution to such a problem. Also take up necessary actions to cancel the temporary suspension order of Mr. Load Shedder. He is such a sober guy who has been punctually and religiously adhering to his duties for all these years. I am sure our concern will be taken care of.

This article was published on 1 June 2014
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