On the Educated Morons from the School of Cynicism

We are pretty familiar about the fable of the cunning fox, who could never relish those ripe and juicy grapes. It consoled itself from sheer helplessness that the grapes are indeed sour. The fox has found new company in some of us.

Allow me to introduce a breed of individuals from our very community who can be best compared to that sly fox. This breed has a typical mindset that the grapes are not just sour but bitter too. Oh! Please do not be taken aback when you find that this particular group belongs to the very society where we live. Most of them look smart at least in their outward appearance, and it also seems they are well educated. The only problem with them is that they are too impractical, cynical, discouraging; and negative energy entirely possesses them.

Pessimism is a tag they have rightfully bagged. They are the ones who are prone to whine on trivial issues, good only in raising up their cynical voices to discourage others who are at least trying to contribute their share in shaping and constructing at least a live-able society. For more information on them, I have defined few of their characteristics in the following manner.

Masters in the Art of Cynicism
Who would love to master in the art of Cynicism? Who, but them? They have successfully failed to think beyond the realm of cynicism. They are empowered and inspired to move on in their lives with a Master’s degree in Cynicism. If you ever try to prove them wrong, you are but playing with wild fire. They are seriously the hopeless breed of individuals who would always try to judge others with all their goddamn ego-ridden flaws. They are the terrible cowards who would go to any extent to scare you with their fears.

The Impractical Lots
Action speaks louder than words? Not really for this particular breed. This breed loves to build an imaginary virtual world. They prefer to hide themselves in some civilized but imaginary society created out of their impracticality. Their minds travel places, learn and collect experiences from every corner in the world. The new-found knowledge for them is the construction material for their dream homes. They are the ones who would cram the Thoreaus, Sartres and Camuses while losing their life, their thoughts so disconnected in a troubled society. They are too unrealistic like kids who play make-belief games and are not ready to face the harsh realities of life. They think they are the educated lots who know everything. They are not even near to smart but in every field, they would act over-smart. Quite an amazing trait, ha?

The ‘I-could-have-done-it-better’ Attitude
There is a saying in Manipuri: ‘Khudombina maantop khanba’. We know its meaning quite clearly and we know who we are talking about. The ‘I-could-have-done-it-better’ attitude is one of their defining primary characteristics. They would not mind brooding on their world for dog number of days, weeks or months; and when someone comes up with something different and practical, they cannot help but flaunt their sickening attitude ‘I could have also done that, damn it!’

All in all, if we evaluate their overall characteristics, it is nothing new to admit that the grapes are really bitter and sour for them and the reasons are clearly understandable.

These educated morons are threats to a decent society which each one of us dreams about. For every little effort we try to clear up the mess, they would ponder on finding flaws showing off their incorrigible attitude badge. They would never do anything worthwhile, and the only thing they are good at is in criticizing others. They might have read thousand of books on evolution and civilization but it’s sadly true that they are themselves threats to a civilized society we ever dream about. They do have a serious problem when their contemporaries try to think or act out of the box. They are fed on cynical-vitamins. They simply cannot survive without those vitamins. They eat, drink, sleep and even shit cynicism. They think it’s cool to morally discourage others for the very flaws they have. How very disgusting!

I am not a racist but I am extremely (not at all) sorry to admit that I sincerely abhor this tribe of cynics who try to drag us down every time we try to do something different in our day-to-day lives. They might be banks of knowledge, they might be brilliant, they might be personally very harmless but I seriously won’t mind calling them the educated good-for-nothing MORONS. I would also proudly and personally address them as the ‘sick race’ relatively vulnerable to ‘depression’. They need our wishes and prayers. I would personally donate a few bucks for them to buy the ‘anti-depression pills’.

This article was published on 19 Feb 2012
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