A Few Reasons Why I Adore Our Cheap Minister

Sometimes hillocks of problems cannot be solved by bullocks of strategies. Sometimes it is hard to digest a fat lie with hajmola pills, sometimes things are out of our good control and we cannot simply blame an individual for all the uncontrolled state of affairs. I hereby in full consciousness admit some reasons why I adore our Cheap Minister despite his flaws in proper governance of the State of Manipur. He is the man, a true son of Kangleipak, who can do anything to rule and safeguard his State from enemies and trespassers. My heart goes out to him for his endless endeavour to become a struggling super-ruler in the State. Instead of ridiculing or rebuking his flaws, it’s time we support him and encourage him to take Manipur to a next level; competent enough to compete with other States in the world (forget just India).

Is it wrong supporting a struggling King? All he aspires to become is the King—The Ultimate Ningthou of democratic Manipur. Is it therefore erroneous to support his interest? So what, he doesn’t have a surname that reads RK or MK, so what he doesn’t act royal in his manners and diplomatic skill, we can still crown him the king of Kangleipak for many reasons more than one. All in all, a democratic king needs not bear a Royal Surname. So, he is more than eligible to become our ‘King’.

Another reason why I adore our Cheap Minister is his patience in dealing everything that happens in the State. He keeps his cool and tries to control every chaotic situation in a calm state of mind. Isn’t that an encouraging attribute? It is perhaps a high time he earns a sobriquet as the ‘coolest CM in the history of Manipur’. His endurance level and patience are beyond anyone’s good comparison. He surely has vicarious guts to resolve issues that other CMs could not afford to resolve during their time. Keeping a cool frame of mind is something that a genius can only do. So, from each and every angle he is a Genius. Maybe he is an aficionado of Parle G—g for genius. Maybe he has got a super-brain that can outwit anyone and come up with drastic, dramatic solutions from time to time.

We cannot blame him for the famine in the State. Unnatural, ghastly and deadly though the famine is we still cannot hold him responsible for the sorry state of affairs. This famine that is likely to take the shape of any issue will continue for a long time (has to continue). Blame-games are not ideal solutions to fight this famine. We should give him suggestions or instructions on how he can fight this ongoing famine instead of rebuking or ridiculing his every single step in State governance.

He is not the super-hero who can fly in the sky and reach out to the vulnerable individuals. He is not a magician who can wave his magic wand and let miracles happen. He is just a human being with all his akanba and asonba qualities. He leads a pretty normal life like us. He doesn’t have any extra power to transform the State and bring everything to normalcy. He is doing his best in handling every situation and issue. Though he seems a little laid-back in his approach and also in taking up measures, we all know that he is equally worried and disturbed like us. He doesn’t have a remote control to put everything in control at its place. He cannot even chant a mantra that can pacify burning issues. Had he known any, things would have been otherwise. He is just a mundane mortal being like you, like him/her, like everyone so why the heck should we blame him?

Let rumours and mills spread everywhere, let people call him names, I am always going to adore him because he is the only Cheap Minister who has the calibre to run the State machinery for all these years and thus deserves our attention and support. Whatever he is doing is for the welfare of the State to bring it up on a global platform. So, we cannot mar his spirit to conquer the whole of Manipur and step ahead towards a new world. Let us stop whining, let us also stop playing all these sickening blame-games. If we don’t support our ruler, who on earth is going to support him? If we don’t stand by him through thick and thin, who is going to motivate him? Let us start creating positive vibes and start supporting him in his humble cause. United we stand, divided we fall. Let us stand united for the sake of boosting our Cheap Minister’s morale.

PS: I herby admit that I wrote this write-up in a hallucinated state of mind.

This article was published on 28 Oct 2011.

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