Lucrative Job Openings for All & Sundry!

Who says there is a dearth of job opportunities in our state? There are many consultancies that have been providing employment for the job seekers. Earlier, there was a trend of networking through which many individuals became lakhpati or crorepati within a few months. At present, there are many emerging consultancies who promise employment opportunities to a wide range of job seekers from the state.

Under the aegis of Thok-Mok Job Consultancy Services, the following posts are currently available for various candidates from different walks of life. Thok-Mok Job Consultancy Services is one of the (non-existing) consultants based in Imphal. Successfully training and recruiting various thou-leitabagi thou thibada waaraba lots in our society, TMMJCS is expanding its wing across the state in due interest of culturing an anti- tangdu-leitaba khunai.

Thouleitabamayum Maloti, H.R Manager TMMJCS, states “We want to contribute our bit in providing employment opportunities to various job seekers across the state. We currently have job openings for some profiles. I am sure many job seekers will be excited about these openings”.

As per the official notice from TMMJCS, the following posts are currently available.

1. Name of post - Moral Police Executive (M.P.E)
Number of vacancies to recruit- 50 & more

Roles and responsibilities
  • The M.P.E will be solely and strictly responsible to take part in various moral policing activities that are currently becoming a trend in our society. The main role of an M.P.E is to instruct and direct his or her sub-ordinates in various restaurant drives that are continuously conducted across the city. The job profile for an M.P.E will be suitable for those who love meddling up with everyone or anyone’s affairs.
Educational Qualification
  • Should be a B.A/M.A but prefer those who have completed or are pursuing their Phd in Moral Science
Work Experience
  • At least five years experience of participation in various restaurant drives across the city.
  • Ahei apaa saaba candidates who have an incorrigible attitude can also apply.
Communication skill
  • Should be good in rowdy and hoarse communicative skill.
  • Fresher(s) who are open to learn ‘khonda haotaba’ will also be considered. Training will be provided by various lai-hori and chinganba/bi trainers.
2. Name of the post - Mob Justice Executive Officer (M.J.E.O)
Number of vacancies to recruit- 100 & more (if situation demands)

Roles and responsibilities
  • The M.J.E.O will be fully responsible to organize a roaring maddening crowd during an unwanted incident. S/he should have the ability to mis/lead the crowd and mis/guide them to execute various un/wanted actions that include destroying the house of the culprit of any XYZ crime, beating up the culprit black and blue etc. Candidates who have experience in leikaigi mee-funaba will also be given a chance to hold such a challenging post.
Educational Qualification
  • Preferably M.A.B.Fs (Matric Appeared But Failed). Since this job profile does not require much logical thinking or judgement, higher educational qualification is not necessary for the candidate. Those who have “I can do it” attitude are eligible to apply for the post.
Work Experience
  • 2-3 years experience as Urao-Tharao Laoba Commander on high-school or college level.

Form submission, interview & miscellaneous

Forms are currently available at the office of TMMJCS for the above mentioned job openings. Please note that there won’t be any last date of form submission for the above posts. The recruitment for M.P.E and M.J.E.O will also be held throughout the year. As for the interview, the candidate can turn up at our office everyday between 9 A.M and 9 P.M. We provide a flexible timing for all the candidates and that’s one of our USPs.

This article was published on 13 July 2014

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