Goodbye to the Man's World!

Is it really a curse to be a woman in today’s world?

The endless number of shameless, ceaseless incidents of rapes, molestations and other domestic violence related cases shake off our sanity almost every day. What is further shocking is that the perverts have not even spared elderly women. Raping a 60-year-old lady — come on, that’s the height of barbarism.

Only a few of them are reported, while hundreds of similar cases vanish into oblivion, but not necessarily with the scar those incidents left in our society. Who knows every single minute a crime might be committed. We do not have a crime-tracing machine. The fact is we can never have one such machine in the future too. Simply because, we are still only an animal, slightly better than those animals in the wild forests.

As far as our reaction to any crime is concerned, we share our grief — over the bereaved’s condition as well as protest, remarkably for a few days at the lambi-sorok-lamjao. Then, after a few weeks, with our trademark collective memory we will forget almost every thing. We would possibly add one more story to our history, though we never learn from it. Long live the short-lived memory of the public!

After all, we do what we always do: mawong maalhanbagi eraang saagatpa. Sometimes, we have nothing better to do in life but kill each other. On other occasions, we would let more people come from every corner of the world and kill us.

The impotent nature of our system makes it more difficult for the families of the victims to follow up any concerned department to seek justice.

The issue of justice is in itself nauseating. Justice is like a moronic creature that is allergic to truth. It’s not only difficult but impossible to seek justice. And for the record, its reach is beyond anyone’s imagination. From underground to over ground, justice has bribed every one.

So, despite knowing what, how and where things have gone wrong, we never ever give a damn. In such conditions, being the other half is like making a useless sacrifice.

In our society, there are many who are in the pursuit of truth, liberty, justice and what not. However, there are only a few of them who stand by their principle and integrity. The majority always wins the vote in a lousy democratic nation or state. Hence, those with the right voice are always hindered from speaking out.

Meanwhile the pseudo revolutionary activists and whosoever stay in the limelight and are obviously considered the ‘Voice of the hoi polloi’ by the wakhal-thoktraba meeyaam.

It is the high time we refrain from the playing only the role of mute spectators. We have to raise our voice against these intolerable acts that are happening at every nook and corner of our society. It’s time to rise and raise our voice. We are not supposed to live with a triggered fear on our mind every single day.

We should welcome positive suggestions from all the sensible, hypocrite-proof citizens of our society. Let us stop amusing rapists, hypocrites and killers. They never had and they should not have a place in our society.

And to all the women, stop feeding the pride and arrogance of the male lots which encourage them to belittle and consider you as inferiors and later mal-treat you.

‘Courage is like muscle,” Ruth Gordon puts it succinctly, “We strengthen it with use”. Let us strengthen our courage. Let us not belittle ourselves. It’s not a man’s world. It’s not their rules we should follow. And they do not have any right to molest, rape or torment us on any ground.

Let us celebrate womanhood in a brave and bold way. I shall keep on following this space for a lot of workable ideas from time to time. Please do drop in all your suggestions.

This article was published on 23 June 2013
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