Say Goodbye to Blockade Phobia!

No matter which body imposes it, all of us suffer the brunt of economic blockade. So you have a grievance against the system- plan an economic blockade or a general strike. Oh! Protest rallies are not a bad idea as well. A year without any general strike, economic blockade or protest rally would not be ‘Oh So Manipur.’ The recent economic blockade which was as omchaaknaba as langbangi nungsha was finally suspended. But its phobia still persists.

Well, according to a (not so reliable) source from Manung-Mapaan ministry, a few awaangba thaaki measures have been taken up to fight the problems of any impending economic blockade in the future. There are in fact many master plans in the pipeline which will of course take an ample amount of time to execute. Perhaps, we may finally have a reason to say goodbye to blockade phobia eh?

As per one of the master plans from the concerned ministry, a sky bus service will soon be launched in the Imphal-Dimapur atiyagi route to ferry goods and passengers to Imphal. A body called All Manipur Maalang Transport Association has been formed to assist the ministry to execute its plans. For safety reasons, the sky bus will always be in invisible mode. Any passenger who has to hop on or off the bus has to press his/her code at the entry and exit door. Technologically equipped with many striking features, this sky bus service will finally help the people of Manipur to say goodbye to blockade or bandh phobia.

Mr. Waajao-ngaangba from Pao Faodok Faojin Department calls it a ‘stupendous idea’. He adds “I still can’t believe that such a project is going to be implemented in our state. The project sounds pretty promising. It will also ultimately discourage all the blockade mongers in the near future.”

“Over the last few years, bandh or blockade has become a necessary part of our lives. It would not be a wise decision to sternly act against any body or person who spearheads any type of bandh or blockade especially considering the various (impossible) demands of the so called bandh or blockade mongers. We had officially partied many nights discussing on the probable means and measures to tackle such a problem. I am very glad that our association has finally come up with such an innovative measure. I am sure we will easily tackle any problem during a bandh or blockade with the help of such a bus service. ” states Mr. Dhapparrmayum Dhapjao, President of the newly formed body- All Manipur Maalang Transport Association (AMMTA).

The newly appointed Chief Engineer of AMMTA, Mr. Techkishore Aheipasaaba-mayum also shares his valuable opinion, “This is the best ever solution for all of us to fight blockade. Due to the upcoming Sangai Festival, we will not be able to focus on the construction work of this Maalang Bus project on a current basis. However, the foundation stone will soon be thrown up. We are currently very busy sorting out the best rocks from Sekmai beach to throw up in the sky for a solid foundation. We are planning to start the construction works right after Sangai festival. We will hopefully complete by next major blockade.”

A tender has already been announced for interested contractors who want to work on this project. There will not be any commission for any Hongba, Chaoba or Tomba. It is also notable that every penny for the project will be funded by Bank of Soraren (BOS).

A press conference will be called in a day or two at the open air office of AMMTA to share the plans and strategies of this project. By and by, the concerned ministry expects full co-operation from the public to add wings to this dream project. Construction workers who have experience in handling awaangba-thaaki projects can submit their resume at AMMTA’s office as there will be various job openings that suit their profile.

                   Courtesy Naatrang Reporter from Sundrang News Services.

 This article was published on 14 Sep 2014
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