The Fable of the Maiba Who Sold Away Manipur to Hawaimaan!

To shamelessly begin with, we have been noticing since the last few months that the ongoing economic blockade is betrothed to Manipur like a ‘Yawong Inba Peeba’ who shamelessly resides at the bride’s home taking for granted everything that comes his way. He forcibly asks for his own shelter, eats everything from the nupimayum and even spends all the money of the bride’s family. Insensible though he sounds and bawdy are his ways, the nupimayum can’t afford to ignore him as he has become a saagei-naatei of their family. It is what they call ‘Emotional Aityachaar’ in which one cannot do anything at one’s own will. One cannot even escape from the emotional catastrophe, the restlessness and the irritations and the only choice is to disable the rational thought process and remain quiet and calm without any possible sign of retorting to anything all the way enduring the uninvited ‘Yawong Inlariba Peeba’.

Well, the festivals are around and its time for people to rejoice and exult in jovial spirit. For the rich and the affordable ones, the economic blockade hasn’t severely affected their lives. So, they are ready to welcome the festive season with open baakshis. Forget the rich or the poor, everyone is getting used to the economic blockade as if it is a part of their families (with lots of puns intended). We must admit that economic blockade has become a mundane thing for us so far. Every year, an economic blockade hits the state, yet people do not seem to have any issue at all. Things always move on, festivals are celebrated with great pomp and show.

Issues have become an ordinary concern among us. None of us are aware or keen to know the real reason or about when and how all these issues started. Maybe the fable of the Maiba who sold away Manipur to Hawaimaan is inaptly- true. Maybe it has got some linkage with whatsoever is happening today in the state. For reference, the story reads this way-

Some bad years ago, a Maiba from Jiri visited Manipur one day as summoned by Hawaimaan- one of our present Cheap Ministers. The Maiba was asked to carry out a particular ritual that is locally known as ‘Khaiyom Laakpa’. He asked Hawaimaan to arrange everything for the ritual. It was a fine evening on one ‘nongma paanba’ of thawaan month. The Maiba meticulously performed the rituals for the prosperity of Hawaimaan, his family and relatives. Once the rituals were over, the Maiba decided to leave Imphal sehar the next day quite unaware of what lies in store that night. As planned, he was once again called by one of Hawaimaan’s men that night. Hawaimaan had something else on his mind- something that changed the fate of Manipur forever. It was the fateful night when Manipur was subjugated to Hawaimaan and his supporting party through a mere ‘Khaiyom Laakpa’. They hatched upon a dirty plan to bribe the Maiba in question. As per the plan, the Maiba was being told to perform another ritual that very night for which he was offered a handsome- ransom. His logical hesitation was over-ruled by the bundle of notes that costs a fortune for a struggling Maiba like him. Cheng, thoiding, kabok and heibok were all ready. He chanted those mantras one after another. The ghost of one patriot interrupted the ritual that was later shooed away by Hawaimaan’s men with the much needed help of the Maiba. By dawn, the rituals were finally over. The confused Maiba took leave. The moment he crossed Hawaimaan’s locality, some miscreants abducted and dragged him to the nearest paddy field. After two-three rounds of gunshot, the miscreants fled in a hurry. The lifeless body of the Maiba was later discovered by a local-farmer at whose paddy field the incident happened. The farmer was questioned again and again. Charged with murder of the Maiba, he was jailed at Sajiwa. Meanwhile, Hawaimaan celebrated his victory with his party getting rid of the only man who knew the head and tail of his overall plan.

The soul of the sorry Maiba who sold away Manipur to Hawaimaan still laments and when it is thawaan month, his spirit haunts the field where he had been mercilessly killed. (The End of the fable and lo and behold the start of the real problem in Manipur)

About Hawaimaan- A heady minded self-styled ruler, a man with an alter-ego, a leader who can’t even spell the word leader – Hawaimaan represents the head of modern political system in Manipur. He bought the state through unfair means and is glued to his position as if it is impossible to dethrone him at any cost.

About the Maiba- Famous for his impeccable skill sets in Maibahood, he knew all the secrets about Manipur and also about the techniques of selling the state away. He was bribed and blinded by that bundle of notes that night. Had it been otherwise, Manipur would still be in safe hands.

DISCLAIMER - The above narrations are purely fictional and bear no resemblance to any person living or death. If anyone finds it personal, then that’s his or her problem.

By the very way, forget the economic blockade, Happy Festivals!

This article was published on 15 Oct 2011
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