Does Facebook Save Your Mobile Bill ?

Places and Faces become old, yet you are always fond to see them after a long time just because you share with them a bond that of affection, adoration or nostalgia. However, on Facebook, it is a different story with a different theme. You don’t need to see real places or faces and yet become fond of so many people whom you already have/know in your life and also about those you newly befriend. Though the connection or friendship with the latter section sounds a little odd, you would sometimes be startled to find out the strong adherence you already shared with them.

One of the endearing aspects of social networking through Facebook is the narrowing communication gap amongst people from all walks of life. The kid from your leikai whose swasti puja you once attended sends you a friend request, that boring guy/girl from the next leikai suddenly sounds the most interesting person you have ever met and what’s more, your very cousin or sibling prefers to write on your wall or pass comments on your posts instead of talking over the phone. Needless to be surprised, with more than 800 million active users across the world, Facebook is perhaps the mother of all the social networking sites ever introduced on the worldwide web. It would not be a surprising factor to know that Facebook is more than a mere site through which one networks with friends and acquaintances. From breaking news to broken relationships, from the latest fad in town to the most conventional discussions, the site is one of the in-demand places on the ‘www’ where everyone loves to spend a good time either connecting to new friends or reconnecting with long lost old friends or acquaintances.

If you have lately missed watching television or reading books of your interest, you need not worry at all because you have been spending a pretty good time on Facebook? Reading and commenting on interesting posts from various friends, watching hilarious videos and yes accessing minute by minute news updates on any issue.

One of the hilarious updates ever read on the site was ‘Manipurda Yu-haar haarey hujik’. One would bother less about how his/her family or near and dear ones during the earthquake, but YES it’s very important to share that breaking news with friends on Facebook. Now isn’t that a magical effect of Facebook? Like an outsized yet flamboyant umbrella that shelters all and sundry, everyone stands under it waiting for some fresh updates with ‘like’ buttons ready to click anytime.

On the funny side of the site, it is sometimes weird to find out that there are some face-bookers who are either busy creating fake accounts or trying out different means to hack others’ existing account. Uncanny though they sound to us, that is their ideal manner of social networking. So, can any of us dare to blame them or call them names? Forget it! We should be glad of this very fact that we can make thousands of friends and at the same time block or report abuse hundreds of them. We have a liberal choice that is not even provided by the State or country to use the right buttons through which we can balance or justify anything or everything that is happening around.

As mentioned earlier, Facebook is one such favourite site where one can connect or reconnect with new and old friends. Known strangers, forgotten friends, a long lost colleague or a distant cousin, one can search anyone on Facebook. No blamed-shame, no damned game, it’s just a place to have sheer fun with friends—both new and old.

The best attribute of Facebook is that it doesn’t discriminate people. One doesn’t need to feel low or high. A copy-pasted sense of humour also works wonder for any individual (try at one’s own risk though). And most importantly, it saves your phone bill to a great deal. Try and believe me. Let me cite just a simple example. The other day I was talking with a cousin on the phone. We were talking on random topics about our very leikai and other usual titbits. Without any astounding reason, the topic somehow switched to Facebook. We giggled telling each other how almost everyone from our Leikai is on Facebook and how its fun to pull one another’s leg there on various dedicated groups about our leikai/Kendra. We abruptly ended the conversation telling each other ‘Oh come on its waste of money talking over phone, let’s pull others’ leg right there on Facebook so be online as soon as you can’ Stingily-strange though it may sound, I almost consider that Facebook is one good means to save your phone bill.

Pale jokes apart, I earnestly believe that it is a high time we finally admit it and rejoice our keen association as interesting citizens of the ‘Republic of Facebook’? Hurray!! Internet Lairembigi Mapaari Mark Na Yaifarey!

This article was published on 1 Oct 2011
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