Ideas That Shape and Change Lives (On the Curtain Raisers of TEDx Imphal)

‘You cannot stop an idea whose time has come’—Whether you are a fan of Victor Hugo or not, this particular quote is one of the prompting excerpts that somehow tickles our logic. Ideas pave way for a much awaited change; ideas sometimes become probable solutions of incomprehensible problems and most importantly ideas can even launch a rocket of hope in the empty sky that may positively affect everyone’s life with environment friendly reports from the universe. Fall in love, embrace them and let them surround you everywhere but don’t forget to share them, don’t forget to influence others’ lives with your ideas.

Ideas influence us in many ways—through the folk lore that is passed on from one generation to another, and also through technology or innovations. To cite one pretty example, maximum of us are quite familiar about the fable of Sandrembi and Cheisra. Sandrembi, the epitome of womanly virtues and Cheisra, the vicious and villainous damsel and her successfully failed plots to harm Sandrembi and all those stuffs. As young girls, we never wanted to become Cheisra all the while adoring Sandrembi and fingers crossing to become one damsel like her. This story is very ordinary no? Why don’t we evolve a little bit from this Sandrembi-Cheisra theme and switch to a brand new one. What about a Sandrembi and another Sandrembi stuff? Instead of taunting or cursing Cheisra, why don’t we erase the character of Cheisra from our minds? After all, there are different ways of imparting lessons or should I say spreading ideas? Like for instance, instead of asking someone to choose between bad and good what about a choice between good and better or between better and best? Sounds pretty intriguing right?From fairy tales to realistic episodes, our approaches and mentalities need to evolve from time to time. Evolution happens only when many a striking ideas merge as one and transcend into a new one. And once it happens, it brings a change. YES, it does. From my very personal experiences, it has so far been one hell of a fascinating journey meeting many interesting people with lots of ideas that differentiate them from the mundane tribe of humanity. These people have influenced and encouraged me during various circumstances of life (mostly unexpected ones). To figure out a few of them among the list of organisers and performers in the upcom-ing TEDxImphal event, two persons have already provided a TED like experience to me much before the event even unfolds. Crossing the bridge from virtual to reality, these two individuals have shared brief memories with me and have simply remained like a family. Thoibi, who is one of the organisers of the TEDxImphal event, is my ideal partner in popularising Eeta culture. It has been an exciting odyssey with her bitching over various girly topics and of course talking and sharing interesting ideas on anything under the sun. Ever since the day we bumped into each other, we are never tired of sharing ideas on various themes and topics. Some find our ideas weird and some even admitted learning from them.

She already made me a part of the event in spirit by sharing her ideas and how the organisers who are co-co-ordinating against the odds of distance and absence. As they are actively running about for the event, I am pretty confident that the team would make their best to gather people who are willing to inspire people with innovations. Indeed it’s the best of their ideas to bring a TEDx event home via the blockade!

Among the performers, another familiar name is of Chingambam Ronid aka Akhu (whom I personally address as Tamgi Ebung in a much accented tone) who is the vocalist of Imphal Talkies N the Howlers. Who is not aware of this poet, singer, musician and a rebel with so much angst about the wrong doers in the society and a list of adjectives to add about him…? Almost two years ago, I remember the first time he turned up for my birthday celebration in Imphal. He gifted me a CD of Tiddim Road, their first album. I was taken aback by his into your face kind of simplicity which many people mistake for arrogance. I was both swept off and startled by his sparkling ideas that he sings through his songs or writes as poems. His poetry is quite a descriptive of the prevailing social situation that grapples us fiercely and silently. His songs and poetry are aesthetic narratives of what we try to ignore in newspapers, mainly because they are too morose to be accepted. Quite a Manipuri Lad of our times, who hasn’t lost his ground and in fact grown up with his roots still intact, he is one among the few who has encouraged me in my own rebelliousness towards the miscreants and morons who dominate our society. Did I forget to mention he’s also a Scholar in Physics? I won’t brag much about him or render him defenseless to praises. I’m sure he’s giving his share of ideas in songs or any medium he uses that day on the event.

Eeta has also been praising and making notes of some individuals who have come forward to contribute for the event in their own ways. The preparations are in full swing. By and by, the TEDxImphal event will be badly missed. But for those who are going to be a part of it, please don’t forget to share the ideas. It is said, TED guidelines set rigid rules for capturing the event on videos and coverage but don’t forget to tag me wherever it is possible!

This article was published on Nov 27 2011

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