Is It God's Will to Abhor One Another?

I share with my contemporary friends and colleagues’ fondest memories of spending the 12 best academic years at a mission school somewhere in West Imphal. The morning and evening prayers, the school anthem, the words of the Lord from the Holy Bible shared with us by the Sisters and Fathers during the morning assembly—all of these collectively shaped my views on how Christianity is one such inspiring religion. I have always loved studying the principles of this very religion, and have greatly admired its universal approach of sisterhood or brotherhood.

As a child, I had indeed wished to become a Christian quite moved by its beautiful philosophies on life and relationships. I didn’t convert my religion but my admiration of Christian philosophies still remains the same for all these years.

Come Christmas, the festive mood will be naturally switched on. Christmas has always been one of my favourite festivals. I have always believed that Santa Claus would one day surprise me with boundless gifts. Despite the fact that I am now a grown-up lady, I love admiring the myth of Santa Claus and still expect his way every Christmas Eve. The child in me has always adored him as much as the festival is cherished and of course the Lord’s birth is considered one of the auspicious things ever happened on earth.

Besides my fascination with this religion, I have a very exceptional penchant for the lush green hills in our State and also for the age-old fond bond that is shared between the hill and valley people. The Chingmi-Tammi songs, the Langmeis, the colourful ching-gi faneks and ena-phees, the virgin honey bottles brought to the valleys by our hill friends—all of these have woven many special memories in my heart since those childhood days.

Of late, I am pretty annoyed to come across news and views about the various communities in Manipur rebuking and making fun of one another, fuelling loathsome attitudes and churning artificial wind of hatred among one another. It has been one of the most shocking experiences to discover how some people have misused the doctrines of Christianity for the sake of winning public attention and affection.

To cite an example, a few weeks ago, I came across a particular video clip in which Mr. Muivah was giving his speech. My wrath knew no bounds listening/watching to his speech that was all the way provoking his very own community to resort to an impending war. He repeatedly kept stressing on a particular line—‘Esorgi Apaambaney’ (it’s the Lord’s will). I swore many things on my mind and my hatred-metre was about to blow up.

For all these years, I have tried to console myself many a times that Muivah is favouring the common interest of his people like every leader does. Ok, I know (and everyone also knows) that it is not wrong to favour the interest of one’s community, to represent the collective voice and of course to work for the betterment of one’s group to bring it up to a larger platform.

It is indeed a noble cause to do something for one’s community. I have nothing against any community, caste or creed. However, I have all the hatred under the sun for those leaders who provoke his people on wrong grounds. Only a sick mind can sicken the innocent masses on a fallacious cause. And that is probably what Mr. Muivah has been deliberately doing.

‘Nakhoi meenaira?’ was another question repeatedly asked in the speech. Meenai is one hell of a misleading vocabulary that is used during extreme situations. I was taken aback and suddenly reminded of colonialism and of the Africans who had been enslaved to harsh inhumane treatments in the then America. Did any of such things ever happen in Manipur? Were any community inhumanely treated in our State? History is the witness that no such thing ever happened in Manipur. Why then such a sick allegation? Just why…? Yes, innumerable number of years ago, tribal communities and the Meitei community were distinguished on grounds of some cleanliness, religion and blah blah stuffs. I am referring to decades old accounts that are now historical. Why brood on the same issues for all these years?

If it’s Esor’s will that many trucks should be burnt, many innocent lives should be crippled and chaos should rule the roost in the State, I am extremely sorry but I would only flip the bird for your so called ‘ESOR’ and his moronic insinuations that are blindly followed. Or could it happen that you and your followers are not following the principles of Christianity at all? If so, stop calling yourselves Christians, stop celebrating Christmas. Worship your own devilish god, indulge in further barbaric acts. Lord Jesus will never ever bless you and your dim-witted followers. He is no more your ‘Esor’. Worship SATAN because your credos are all satanic.

You educated yourself only to become one such communal leader who prompts his people to prepare for war. Hello? Grow up. This is not a barbaric age and your lame wishes will all be in vain. Stop brooding or nagging like a fool who is seeking for paradise on earth. If you really believe in the existence of paradise and also wish to be there after death, stop paving your way to hell. Stop communal politics; stop this impending war of hatred. Enough is enough.

God never insinuates us to abhor one another. God wants us to spread the message of love and peace everywhere. In the bloody name of some other satanic faith that you follow, don’t dare to mess up with the teachings of the Lord.

This article was published on Dec 4 2011
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