Guard(s) of Dishonour

Of late, a new breed of dogs has taken birth in our home State, which has taken up a noble undertaking to guard Imphal City. What is unique about these Dogs is that they cannot bark, but rather ‘meow’. Before their unblessed birth, the vicious Jackals used to loiter in the streets, roads and lanes, guarding their owners, and were ever ready to attack anyone on their way. They so far seem to have either fed up or pissed off with their unwanted presence amongst us. It also seems that the Jackals have been tamed by the Animal-Ministry and its trained arm of doctors not to howl, indulge or yelp and yip. So much of their barbaric or unruly acts or deeds are less heard during the last few years. The meitaan-coloured Jackals used to scare us like hell then. Their presence, in the town or village or anywhere, was a curse.

All the way, we have been glad to miss the Jackal’s presence around us but have been sad to see that they have passed on their legacy to the new breed of meowing dogs. The most shocking revelation is that these ‘meowing dogs’ are not foreign-bred or unfamiliar ones, but those with whom we have grown up together, shared plates of rice during childhood days, stood by us through thick and thin. From Leikai thaabal chongba to nupi program chatpa, they have been with us for all these years. We have shared bitter and better moments of life with them all these years, counted on them for anything.

Back to this horrible time of our civilisation, weren’t we happy the day we heard about them joining the system and that they would help clean some of the filth and trashes? Weren’t we hopeful, wishing them heartily on their new venture of being a meaningful part of the State’s machinery? All wishes and hopes in vain, they have turned hostile in their attitude and so far reduced to mere ‘meowing dogs’ who simply follow invincible masters’ orders. If their masters tell them to ‘meow’ they are shameless to meow anywhere, when their masters ask them to meddle up, they know no bounds to irritate or disturb the innocents. A shameless breed of creatures who can even yell out to aging ladies at the keithel or Leirak Khulak—the same aging ladies who might have once fed them with love plates of rice and scrumptious insaangs with their sons, the same old ladies who have treated them equals to their own sons or daughters. Another shameless deed they have mastered so far is eve-teasing. They have crossed the limits too far.

It is annoying to see these meowing dogs all around us. They got a damn good justification from their part when it comes to misusing power. Yes, misusing power is another art they have impeccably mastered so far, in as much as they have in being so loyal to their masters. The moment their masters shoo them away, they start meowing like anything. Cantankerous though it sounds for us, they are the masters’ favourites, the pampered-pedigreed lots, in a nutshell, the inglorious bragging breed. Akin to their attribute and attitude with the jackals, they represent themselves as the law-keepers of Modern Manipur. They are equally responsible for the bloody state of affairs that’s happening in Manipur.

It’s disturbing, it’s scary, it’s alarming to have them around us when we are supposed to feel safe and protected with their very presence. They have changed their colours like chameleons, they have been trained as otherwise-not mere police personnel with duties and responsibilities, they cannot think and act logical. All they react at is fallacious ‘orders and commands’. In short, they are owned by the lousiest possessors under the sun. Instructed and insinuated to indulge in blatant acts, trained for misconducts, well-versed in eve-teasing, they think they are performing their duties dedicatedly, baah!

It is not going to matter how much we despise them because they are simply insensible creatures. Their minds are boggled, their conscience does not work anymore, they cannot figure out wrongs from the rights. In short, they have been promoted to a new breed of unruly buggers and gundas instead of mere law and order keepers of the State. The local-bred dogs (REAL ONES) have so far been shamed to death seeing these meowing dogs.

There are rumours that most of the local-bred REAL DOGS have sought for retirement plans and have been relocated at the far country sides much aloof from the vicinity of the town. They have perhaps done the right thing. Someday, I would love to pay them a humble visit and share a sumptuous feast together. Let them enjoy their solidarity away from the hustle-bustles of city life. To Hell with the Meowing Dogs!

This article was published on 22 Oct 2011
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