On Choosing Advertising as a Career!

I humbly accept the very fact that I come from one such State where we are used to addressing everything with an accent of our own. For example, kerosene is referred to as teresing while chewing gum is popularly known as sengum or sengum-bon. Sidelining the norm of accented branding, majority of our people are not clear about the concept of various brands. To cite a simple example, the concept of toothpaste is confined to Colgate, which is one of the brands available in the market while for washing power it is still ‘Surf’. Strange though it may sound to an outsider, for us, it is pretty OK as long as we are able to communicate with others. Communication gap is the grandpa of most of the serious problems amongst individuals so it is acceptable to a great extent that even with an accented understanding of brands and their names, we are able to smoothly convey and communicate what is there on our minds, right?

Ever since those Doordarshan days, we have been fascinated by the various brand commercials of various products telecast via television. We, in fact, grew up singing and humming various brand anthems and slogans such as Yahi Hain Right Choice Baby, Dhaara Dhaara Shudh Dhaara, Tandooroosti ki Raksha Karta Hain Lifebuoy, Lifebuoy Hein Jahaan Tandooroosti Hein Wahan Lifebuoy etc. How can we ever forget those commercials with which our childhood memories are closely entwined? We still remember the slogans, names and even the dialogues of some of the best brand commercials we have watched then. All thanks to advertising!

Advertising is one of the full-fledged sectors that contribute a major share in the Indian economy. However, in Manipur as well as in the entire North Eastern States, it is a less popular sector with just a few players in the field. For those who are already in the field, they must be pretty aware about the revenue that advertisements generate for a particular brand or business. Advertising can never be termed as an unwanted tool of marketing. We need to digest this very fact that without advertising, brands are dull and lifeless. Entertaining and informing us about various products, services and even ideas, advertising is an art of communication however at a tagged rate. An investment to generate revenue—this could be one of the simplest understan-dings of Advertising.

The lookout for a secured career and also the limited understanding of people from our society are perhaps two accountable reasons that haven’t popularised advertising as a career option in our State or in North East India. But it is not a big deal as long as we can discover new means and measures of promoting advertising industry in the State. One cannot predict like an Amaiba or Amaibi that ‘Advertising industry will do wonders in Manipur’, yet if we give a thought on it maybe we would come up with an IDEA THAT CAN CHANGE everything. The most expensive thing on this blue planet of ours is IDEA. Even our CM has got plenty of ideas on his mind which is the sole reason why he has been ‘fevicoled’ to his post for all these years (Punch Line: Fevicol ka Jor Hain Tutega Nahin). Well, from my humblest point of view, he is one of the pundits from whom I can learn many innovative strategies on advertising (in a different perspective though).

Well, choosing a career in advertising was perhaps the last thing that crossed my mind. However, I must admit, it is one interesting field where one is not restricted to think within a square room. The best part of being a citizen of advertising planet is that any weird idea or a crazy tactic can be deployed to impress target customers. And from A for America to Z for Zimbabwe, the mind can travel places, choose its own theme and come up with the right tricks and techniques of communicating the brand message to a particular target group. Freedom of thought and expression, implementation of liberal ideas and presentation of inimitable yet copyrighted stories of one’s own—all these are possible on the advertising planet.

I happily share my fraternity with every advertising professional who eats advertising, sleeps advertising and dreams even advertising. The euphoric journey is so far worth anything. Though it is a new challenge to come up with a new theme, trick, tactic or even a tip of branding, it is sheer fun to be a part of this breed of crazy-minded professionals. If we observe around, there is always an advertiser within each one of us—one who wants to share or promote his or her hidden skills, one who wants to be noticed by everyone, one who loves to be praised for what or how s/he is. I did once share an update on my favourite social networking site Facebook that everyone is an advertiser in disguise, some advertise their emotions, some advertise their humour while some advertise their frustrations. So, my bottom line is that we all share one affinity when it comes to advertising.

Let us cherish it forever!

This article was published on 8 Oct 2011
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