2012 - A Romantic New Year!

2012 is going to be one of the most romantic years of the century, for reasons the heart knows not. I would suggest everyone to fall in love this New Year. The subject of falling in love would differ from one individual to another. For me, falling in love is a vast scope to retrospect and analyse. Please don’t get surprise to know that I have so far fallen in love with three different persons simultaneously.

Oh, please! Don’t take me wrong. It is not a crime, neither a sin to love three different guys at the same time. I do not have any personal wish to tie any knot with any of them and just want to make sure I have done justice to my gluttonous heart that never ever listens to me. This time, my mind also shows a green signal and availing such a unique opportunity, I am hereby admitting my long cherished feelings for these three handsome and dashing guys.

The first guy, everyone must be pretty familiar about him. He has been a champion in his school and college days. Every girl had a crush on him when he was in his teens. A smile that flickered on his lips could kill anyone softly. For all these years I have dreamed about him. He has tormented my poor heart so far. Last time I saw him sitting quietly at the campus of Manipur University. He wore a worried look that day that I wish I could walk to him and had a word with him. But on second thoughts and due to my own ekaithibi nature, I had walked pass him. After months, I finally gathered up my courage to add him on Facebook. He accepted my friend request after a week or so. Once in a while, I have exchanged emails with him. I haven’t admitted my feelings for him yet but maybe today he would realize what he means to me for all these years. Hey dear, if you are reading this, please don’t take me wrong. I have simply adored you sans any expectation. It’s ok if you never ever talk to me again in the future. But I will always remain the same.

Well, the second guy is one of the most happening bachelors one has ever met. Outgoing, smart, intelligent and quite brainy, I fell in love with him the very day I saw him somewhere near Kwairamband Keithel. He is not that handsome but he can outwit anyone with his great sense of humour. Every girl in Manipur would love to have him as her betrothed beau. I blindly fell in love with him even before knowing anything about him. I was more than elated to find out so many endearing aspects about him. He has a little attitude problem and many find him irritating. I am sorry to find out that he is ignored among his friends and acquaintances but equally glad that I have been able to win his heart. For a busy man, he would never bother to read anything I have wrote about him. But that’s not a big deal. I will always love him even if the seas run dry or the mountains turn to dust.

The last Mr Right, the third guy, is of a boring type. Perhaps, it’s only me who finds him adorable (and lovable too). Innocence is his greatest virtue. He is treated like an outcast in his community all because of some vague misunderstanding. A misconstrued guy, he most of the time avoids going back home. A few years back, I boarded a flight with him till Delhi. We talked continuously about many things. I also found out that he is a nationalist to the core (but whom people have failed to recognize). My heart goes out to him. I wish I could rent a major portion of my heart for him (for which I am in fact ready).

Ah! What a sigh of relief to have finally typed everything that was on my mind. I think it’s going to be just a perfect year for me. All thanks to my three sweethearts. Did I forget to mention their names and surnames? How silly of me? How could I ever forget that? Well (with goose bumps in my heart) I am hereby introducing them to you respectively. They are none other than Mr. Maram-Mokpayum Responsibility, Mr. Bhaaptaaba Mayum Sanity and Mr. Shanti-Mayum Peace. Oops! They don’t bear names like Hongba, Chaoba, Tomba, Ebopishak, Tompok etc I know but if any of you know any of them, please let me know how as I am a little possessive in such matters.

Happy New Year, 2012! Don’t worry about the world coming to an end this year; let us worry about how we can be more responsible citizens. Let us fasten our sanity belts and try to make Manipur a better and peaceful place to reside. Cheers one and all!

This article was published on Jan 1 2012
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