Bloodstained Memories of 1 August 2011

Two young girls never reached home on the fateful afternoon of 1st August. They left their school for the day and were heading towards home innocently and quite unaware of the impending death ahead. The place was Sangakpham Bazaar; time was around 1:40 pm. A bomb suddenly exploded out of nowhere claiming the lives of the two young girls along with three more lives…is it an exciting story for our grandchildren from the future to listen?

Not really I know. The first of August 2011 has imprinted in our hearts and minds an unforgettable ghastly memory that will keep haunting us for the rest of our lives. This bloodstained memory of 1st August 2011 will be hard to wipe away. Forming a Joint Action Committee (JAC), calling bandhs or strikes, organising protest rallies—all these cannot compensate the pain that has inflicted in our hearts with the loss of those innocent lives during the blast. What is lost is lost (read ‘asibana maangjarey’)—this is the most observed trend in our State. Sadly but aptly true!

After some chaotic weeks or months, people will gradually forget the incident. But for the annual ‘lei katpa’ or probable bandh/general strike on every 1st August in the State, people will start worrying more about their personal lives and day to day chores. These norms have been continuously happening in Manipur for all these years and everyone is uncomfortably numb and also dumb to react or act against the ‘ferociously treacherous satans’ who in the bloody name of patriotism kill innocent people and create chaos in the society. These people loiter around us. 

We might have seen them at a local hotel enjoying a cup of tea, we might have seen them shopping at Kwairambandh Keithel, we might have seen them everywhere. I call them ‘contemporary churanthaabas’ who indulge in deceitful acts that are against the ethics of humanity. No court in any country should frame merciful laws for these people. They should be tortured in such a manner that even if they wish death, they are not blessed to die. While extending my heartfelt prayers for the innocent souls to rest in peace and also for the injured victims for a steady recovery, I equally curse the ‘monstrous churanthaabas to rot in hell as soon as possible.’

This article was published on 6 Aug 2011

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