Babe and Khura Visited Manipur to Promote the Movie 'The Dirty Picture'

A few weeks ago, a quiet ‘chup-chaap-type Khura’ who is further quieted by an unknown force and a gracious ‘Senorita’ blessed the soil of Manipur. Imphal city, on that particular day, wore a brand new look like that of a ‘mou anoubi’.

Three days back, a bomb blasted somewhere at Palace Compound where the Sangai Festival was held. One (late) Md. Kora was killed and two were injured. Well, the post-blast days and news of the bomb blast are damn boring for everyone, so, it is so far a forgotten case if not for some JAC’s demands here and there. The spirit of Manipuris is always nonchalant, always a remarkable cultural trait. A mere bomb blast, blockade or bloodshed cannot ruin the festive spirit. The Sangai Festival therefore ended as scheduled right beside the blood-stained main road where the blast happened.

You are advised to skip the above paragraph since it is not much relevant to any of our dear fellow Manipuris. Besides, it’s very tedious for me to share the same stale news and views.

Let us get back to the theme again. There has been a series of news from different sources that a very nominal amount of just Rs 1 crore was spent to beautify the surroundings of the city and to make everything presentable before Khura and the Babe. Well, the concern is not the amount of money that was wasted or spent. The real concern, however, is how their presence in the city created an upsurge among Manipuris (particularly among the political leaders).

For your reference, the real incident happened this way. It is shared by a non-existent ghost like a social crusader, who happens to be a friend of mine, and here I share the entry in her not-so-secret diary.

3rd December, 2011 Saturday
The Sky of Poinu Looks So Different Today

Since early morning, jet planes are dotting the sky as if they are marching and celebrating something very special. While watching the rare scene, I was all of a sudden mercilessly pushed away by one of the Indian army men who was heading the march of jets in the sky. I lost balance and fell down right on a dais that was set for a particular function or celebration. A kind young lady saw me in my sorry state and rushed towards me with a glass of water in her hand. She was indeed very kind. My knees were fractured from the fall. I was not in a condition to walk. The kind gentle lady suggested me to take rest and sought a temporary shelter for me right beside the dais. The view of the buzzing crowd was pretty good from where I was taking rest. The lady resumed her duties while I stayed back. The later events that were unfolded left me baffled.

Like a ‘Princess’ from Soraren, the babe descended from a private jet along with Khura who almost looked like a Knight in Shining yet Withered Koilaang. They were garlanded, cheered and applauded again and again. Cheers and claps filled the air. The setting and the overall ambiance impressed the duo and our Khura in question snatched the microphone from the anchor of the event and started singing one of the latest Bollywood songs– ‘Oo la la la, oo la la tu hein meri fantasy’. And it is heard that the babe silently hummed ‘shoo na na na, shoo na na na… Ab mein jawan ho gayi’.

What a co-incidence! I suddenly realised that it was right the next day after the release of the latest Bollywood flick – The Dirty Picture. And they were there to promote the movie. Manipuris were bluffed that their visit was strictly political. However, everything came to a clear picture. The real reason for their visit was an entertainment trip since the respected leaders felt that Manipuris need to entertain themselves for a change from the never-ending gloom and doom in the State. After a series of discussions with Adha-mora Minister, errr I mean the Manipur Minister, they decided for this special leisure a.k.a. entertainment trip. Earlier, the shrewd Adha-mora Minister, Khura and the babe had sent an order to the blockade crusaders to suspend the blockade before their arrival as they could not afford any kind of impediment to their leisure visit and of course for the promotion of the movie.

Yes, they were in Manipur to promote the movie –The Dirty Picture. And that was indeed very thoughtful of them. We are, of course, entertainment-loving people. And they understand our sentiments, our likes and dislikes and that’s why of all the States in India, Manipur was chosen for the promotion of the movie. We can never repay their kind act of churning an entertaining wind in our chaotic State.

Miss Tekta Kapoor, one of the producers of the movie, is expected to visit Manipur probably next month. She had reportedly said a few days ago, ‘I owe my big thanks to the people of Manipur for their overwhelming support to make the movie a hit. I am personally visiting Manipur to thank all our well-wishers, especially the Cheap Minister of the State.

‘I have also plans for shooting a Manipur-based serial on the line of ‘Saas Bhi Kabhi Dahi Thi’ and have chosen the blockade as it is the most happening theme. It is also pretty unpredictable and changes its course off and on with new roles and supporters, which will give that extra masala. Manipuris, you are all going to be live on National Television channels. Love you all.’

The remaining part of the diary is missing. Maybe my friend fainted noting down all these hilarious contents.

This article was published on Dec 11 2011
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