The Numbing Waakching Episode

‘Waakching’ is considered one of the most romantic months in the entire year and a rejuvenating season for many literary aficionados too. I have read in poems and in prose books about ‘Waakchingi Ulen’ or ‘Waakchingi Nong’ and its literary reflections. Even during my confinement out of Manipur for all these years, I have ardently enjoyed a dream-trip of my mind somewhere near the Ningthi river listening to the sounds of silence and serenity after the Waakching drizzles. I have romanced with the raindrops, danced to the glory of a beautiful Waakchingi Purnima night albeit the sweet disturbance of the cuckoo birds. It has been a flabbergasting experience for me until the sounds of bombs intruded…

Just imagine, how would one feel if one’s dreams are interrupted or predictions are proved otherwise during the most romantic month of the year? Depressed, right? Exactly! I have never been this much depressed in my life. This is not done at all. 2012 is supposed to be a romantic year for everyone but the bloody bomb merchants and hooligans loitering everywhere in the State, wreaking havoc all around and terrorizing people, are a few pathetic reasons of my depression in such a lovely season.

I know now why ‘Ebenpok Emoinu’ is so unwilling to stay in the State. Perhaps, she has done the right thing by taking a long unplanned sabbatical. Who would anyway love to reside in one such place where you have to worry about an unclaimed bomb hanging at your gate or being thrown in your office? It’s such a gloomy situation there. It’s a nonsense versus null-sense battle between morons for some petty power to rule (not govern) the people.

The numb/dumb struck ‘micham’ are easily carried away by their retarded gimmicks meanwhile the intellectuals are struggling because of a severe logic-attack. (For your reference, logic-attack is a new terminology which means the numbing of the human logic. A unique syndrome of logic-attack is reluctance to fasten on the sanity belt or high chance of burning away the same. Non-medical researchers are yet to cure such a fatal disease. The after-effects of this social disease are still open to question.)

Dark nights, orphaned bombs (whose lousy parents claim no responsibility), tug-of-war among the political parties/candidates for the upcoming General Election are three main characteristics that mark this ongoing Waakching month. On the other side, the ‘Praja suumnaba kadar-fadar’ magnetic tricks such as allotting thika and special funds for feasts, cinemas or ‘out of the blue’ sudden developmental plans of each and every leikai etc. are serious chores for the ‘haabi-jaabi’ election agents of the respective kendras. Over the last few weeks, many homes might have been allotted free sacks of ‘meitaan’ and kilos of free rice or other basic commodities. It’s like a free-loot for some smart ‘khongbaan-chenba’ gangs. For those who are struggling for two meals a day this is perhaps the much awaited time when they are fed on free rice, booze and what not? They are feeding themselves for next five years to shout, yell and protest on the many unwanted incidents that can be easily forecast in a state like ours.

We the People (or should it be the Wee People?) are easily tricked and tipped by corrupted politicians. In advertising, it is exemplified as the art of selling comb to a bald man. You have to convince him at any cost to sell your product. It’s a trick, tactic or technique that always works wonders for the advertiser to convince and encourage that bald man to buy the product. The same case can be half-applied to what the philandering politicians are doing with us. They are taking our votes away promising us ‘never existing solutions’ and we are still ready to do that? The only related question that eats my mind every now and then is whether we are cheaper or unworthy than those lifeless brands? Can the political parties and candidates buy us so easily without any bargain? What the heck?!

Nevertheless, my mention of the art of selling a comb to a bald man was a mere example and I do not even remotely mean to imply that advertising is a philandering art of communication. But, all is damned! It’s quite a shame. I sincerely thought 2012 is going to be the most ‘Romantic’ year of the century but some shit-minded hooligans have left no stone unturned to prove me wrong.

It’s raining bombs in the State meanwhile the shootings for powerless Dark Night (s) (sans K) in Manipuri version have also started. The political parties, candidates and their supporters are all the while hosting comedy shows trying to cheer up the depressed, oppressed and suppressed people with fake (never meant to be kept) promises. Everything sounds so grungy to me. And amidst all these, the collective role played by Ema Manipur is that of a Lukokpi, Napangbi and Meettangbi.

Bhalo hey!

This article was published on 15 Jan 2011

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